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I too had a love story

One always remembers that first touch, that http://www.berdalecentres.co.uk/ first kiss, that first of every relationship.While reading it one can almost feel the emotions that are penned down in the book and honestly i was close to tears by the time i reached the end of i too had a love story.

I too had a love story starts with a reunion of four college friends who are meeting each other after a long time.Like all male discussions, the topics ends up on girls and each of the four friends discuss their future plans on the girl of their dreams.After the reunion though, ravin sees an ad of a matrimonial site and inspired by the discussions registers on the same on an impulse.And as fate would have it, he ends up talking to a girl named khushi.And even though, both of them don’t meet for a long time, their friendship starts over the phone and soon blossoms into love after many late night chats and phone calls.

The story continues forward michael kors outlet store when both of them meet for the first time and then take their relationship onto the next level.Readers of this book are bound to fall in love with the two main characters and the sweet and cute conversations between them.I too had a love story is one that is filled with pure innocence and that is what makes it even more special.

The climax of the story is one that will move you to tears.I too had a love story is definitely a must read book for every person who has been in love and especially for those who have loved and lost someone special.I too had a love story is a must read book for everyone!

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