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What clothes make a man look good

My first inclination is to answer a question you did not ask what looks bad on a man(Or woman)?That would have to be pants that hang low ralph lauren online store with the underwear showing.Awful is a polite way to describe it!

What looks nice?Casual wear consists of nice jeans(No holes or frayed hems)And a nice shirt with a collar.If sneakers(Tennis shoes)Are worn, they should be white and not scuffed.Another casual look that goes over well here in my area is jeans and a long sleeved cotton western shirt that has been starched, ironed, and a nice pair of boots.A cowboy hat is very optional, depending on the occasion, but can help to make a man more distinctive and a cut above the rest of the dime store cowboys.For dress wear, you just can’t find fault with a many who wears a suit, freshly polished shoes, a starched and ironed dress shirt and a tie.I am admittedly a old lady, but i do not care for the style of dressing where http://www.ascoe.it/ the man wears a polo shirt with a suit.Go one way or the other.If the occasion calls for a suit, do it properly.It does not take a lot of money to be neat and clean and well pressed.That trumps a new suit with a wrinkled shirt and scuffed shoes any day of the week.

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