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Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Glamorous gala gowns eclipse brightest stars It’s known as one of the most glamorous red carpets of the year, with movie stars, models, and even the occasional athlete putting on their most fashion forward outfits for the metropolitan museum of art costume institute gala. Gisele bundchen, jessica biel and justin timberlake, rihanna, gwyneth paltrow, sarah jessica parker, heidi klum, tim tebow, and florence welch were among those to weave through the tented grand fifth avenue entrance to celebrate the new fashion exhibit that compares and contrasts the designs of two italian women:Miuccia prada, who wore a pantsuit to the event, and the late elsa schiaparelli. Carey mulligan, wintour’s co chairwoman this year, wore a prada cocktail dress with metallic fishscale beading, and gwyneth paltrow had michael kors women jeans on a steel blue prada dress with heavily embellished pockets. Among others donning prada:Eva mendes, jessica biel, uma thurman, and linda evangelista. Unlike other big celebrity red carpets, where designers just want to hear the stars utter their names as the creators of their dresses, they are the a list dates here.Michael kors escorted hilary swank, wearing a red halter gown;Parker, in a metallic floral print gown with long sleeves and belt, came with valentino;And singer lana del ray, cloaked in a long michael kors hobo bag black cape, came with joseph altuzarra. Jason wu brought model karlie kloss, who wore a mostly hot pink gown with an underlay of black beaded lace;Karolina kurkova, in a rose gold sequin gown and beaded cap, attended with rachel zoe;And doutzen kroes wore a one shouldered, black and white gown as she walked arm in arm with roland mouret. January jones could have stopped traffic in her bright yellow custom atelier versace bustier michael kors bags outlet gown, and model coco rocha matched pink curls in her hair to the tank top she wore under a vintage taxi yellow suit.

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Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

2013 Bonnie Brae Polo Classic cheap ralph lauren set for June 8 in Pittstown The weather or field condition date is june 9.Located directly off route 78 at exit 15, fieldview farm features 150 acres of lush green pastures surrounded by stately trees, a picturesque garden nursery and equestrian properties. The event helps to raise funds and increase awareness for bonnie brae, a private, nonprofit accredited residential treatment and special education center serving at risk boys, ages 8 18, from throughout new jersey.Established in 1916, bonnie brae is a haven where young men reclaim their potential through education and therapy.The agency provides a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment where troubled boys can develop trust, maximize personal and social potential, and build lives as good citizens productive in their families and communities. The afternoon’s entertainment is unlike any other in the area.It has already been recognized as”One of the top three events in new jersey”With an extraordinary return attendance rate from sponsors and spectators alike.The farm offers a stunning backdrop for a spirited game of polo and a day of exceptional tailgating.Many of the ladies wear flowing dresses and large brimmed adorned hats and compete in the best hat competition and most original hat competitions;Young ladies also compete in the children’s best hat competition;Tailgaters compete for most original tailgate, best gourmet presentation, and best corporate design and most elegant tailgate prizes. Gates open at noon for tailgating.With champion bagpipes drum corps, a classic car parade and the national anthem, sung by anna piparo.The bonnie brae knights drum corps will also be performing at the event.Highlighting the intermission will be the traditional divot stomp, the presentation of the red bandanna service award to octavia j.Brown by the welles remy crowther charitable trust, a demonstration by the tewksbury foot bassets and the essex foxhounds and tailgate awards presentations. A raffle drawing for a $2, 000 travel voucher to one of numerous destinations in the caribbbean, hawaii, europe or the united states, will be held at the end of the match.There will also be a raffle for an ipad at the match.All will be followed by an awards ceremony and champagne toast to the teams. A distinguished panel of judges will award prizes for creative tailgate parties in a variety of categories:Most original theme, most elegant tailgate, best corporate design, most outstanding gourmet presentation, prettiest and most creative hats worn at the event.Be part of the spectator sport ralph Lauren while enjoying the over the top themed tailgates that are distinguishing this event from others, and putting it in a class by itself for off the field entertainment. Excellent viewing opportunities are available from sideline tailgate spaces available for $200, $300, $500 and $1, 250 based upon location and amenities included.Limited tailgate spaces are still available.General admission tickets are $25 per person, including parking, if purchased by friday, june 7.Children under 12 are admitted free.On the day of the event, tickets may be purchased at the gate for $35 per person.

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Friday, July 24th, 2015

San antonio express Martinez about mid afternoon on a recent sunday, at a century old crossroads dance hall a few miles east of san antonio, a couple of hundred old timers waited like antsy prom seniors for the show to begin. “I dance every dance.I dance with anybody, i dance 35 dances,”Said an animated, 81, of medina lake, dapper in gray striped slacks, black suspenders and a snazzy red bandana.Sharp, when the led by began rolling out the first steely chords of”My shoes keep walking back to you,”The hoofin’ and sparkin’ began under twinkling lights. Within a minute, dozens of couples were out on ‘s smooth oak floor, so old the steel nail heads shine through, all moving in a slow counter clockwise arc.For many, dude cowboy and long western skirts were the dress of choice. For the next three hours, the action hardly slowed, as the band knocked out one vintage tune after another, from to, while also tossing in a polka and a texas stroll. “This is kind of a fountain of youth for some of these people.They just come out here and dance and stay young,”Said, 64, president of the, which owns the facility. “I call it a dance hall, but it still gets pretty honky tonky here.People love to dance.And we’ve still got the cheapest beer and the best dance floor in town,”Michalczak said. German farmers and businessmen built the hall almost a century ago to give locals a place to enjoy themselves.And while the first dance was held april 12, 1912, it wasn’t until 1923 that english replaced german in the social club’s minutes. “It’s one of the oldest in the whole state, and there’s not many left,”Said, 75, louboutin mens shoes uk of crystal city, who wrote”The texas honky tonk trail,”And played music in most of them. “There were quite a few before television got to be a popular item and pro sports became such a big deal.Back then, it was about the only recreation there was for ordinary folk, dancing and listening to music,”Allen said. As its history reveals, martinez hall has some ups and downs. “In 1930, the depression set in and the membership dropped to about nine members.A meeting was called to decide how the club would pay a debt of $70.00 that remained due on the hall for the floor that had been done by Mr.,”Reads an account written by, a longtime member. “There was some discussion about tearing down the hall and dividing the lumber after paying off the debt.However, when some of the members who had dropped away heard of this, they paid up their dues, and the club was able to pay the remaining debt,”It reads. Decades later, another board dealt with a tricky personnel issue. “A special meeting was called due to the fact that a certain member had been causing some trouble at the club.It was decided that the executive committee would contact him and inform him that the next time he starts any trouble, he would automatically be ejected from the club,”Reads an entry in 1961. Fortunately for the offender’s descendents, his name is lost to the record. Other than the bowling alley being moved out back and the music shifting away from polkas and waltzes to country, christian louboutin mens sneakers not a lot has changed here. The circle c band, which first played here decades ago, is still booked a few times a month. “We play old country and they like old country,”Said, 78, who over the past half century has backed stars from hank williams sr.To. “We’ve played from KingsvilleTo New Mexico, and Martinez Hall is probably our favorite place. ” These days the bulletin board up front holds lots of yellowing obituaries, and the rules have been relaxed so that almost anyone is welcome. “They used to have a lot of restrictions.No hats.They frowned on men who didn’t have a date or a wife.They wanted couples.And back then, men all wore coats and ties,”Said, 73, who runs the place with his wife. And while fights, drunks and mashers are not much of a problem, there are other risks. “You could have a stroke.We lost someone that way.He was having a jolly good time, and then the band leader said, ‘we need medical attention up front.’ The ambulance came but it was too late,”Charlie recalled. His wife, the former, 73, grew up nearby in china grove and st.Hedwig. “My parents were members, we danced here.I set bowling pins here and i got married here 50 some years ago,”She said.Now, her granddaughter charlene, 18, who also once set pins, sells popcorn and beer cheap christian louboutin at the bar. On a good sunday afternoon, about 250 people come to dance, most of them regulars, and some from as far away as victoria, corpus christi and san marcos.On wednesday nights, the crowd is about half that large. Annual dues for the social club, which has about 300 members, are $12.It cost $7 to get into a dance, a beer is $1.50 and a bucket of popcorn $2.50. And although women outnumber the men, and the average age on the floor is around 70, anything is possible when the band starts rocking.

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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

How to dye your clothes red or michael kors australia pink with dye made from strawberries Jenniesbarn has created a video tutorial about how to make hand dyed crinkle seam binding.She says that crinkle seam binding is popular because it has a vintage look.To begin, she uses a mister to spray water on a ribbon strip in order to allow the strip to crinkle easily and allow color to absorb more evenly when dyed.Afterwards, spray the dye and tossle the ribbon at the same time.It is possible to blend different colors by spraying a different colored dye afterwards.Once the desired color has been achieved, take a paper towel and blot the ribbon dry while scrunching it to create the. The ombre fashion trend began a few seasons ago on all the biggest fashion runways, from alexander wang to michael kors.And the fun, colorful trend is still going strong.Ombre simply describes the fading of one color to another, from high saturation to(Usually)White or another lighter color. But you don need to drop mad stacks in order to get in on the trend.All you need to do is check out this fashion tutorial to learn how to make an ombre shirt yourself!You need some dye, of course, and a little bit of patience, since the dye takes about 4 6 hours to sink in entirely. First cut out card stock using the big shot dye.This card stock is great as a template to make sure you are getting the most out of michael kors online outlet your felt.Cut out pieces of your felt around your card stock template trying to get as close as you can to the border of the card stock.Next take your big shot machine and place your cutting plates on the bottom, as well as your dye.Then layer your cut out felt pieces on top of your dye.Start rolling your felt through by cranking the handle on your big shot.After doing this you will find a perfect cut out of your desired template! .

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Monday, July 20th, 2015

4 sisters on Puerto Rican water polo team Melbourne, australia consider the play by play for a game against puerto rico at the world water polo championships: Rico’s angelica ortiz irizarry takes the ball, passes to her sister alejandra ortiz irizarry in front of the goal.Alejandra fakes, throws to her other sister cristina ortiz irizarry.Now it’s over to yet another sister amanda ortiz irizarry.She shoots, she scores!Begin bigboxad > That’s right.Four sisters are playing for the puerto rican team at the world championships.Back in their hometown of ponce, puerto rico’s second largest city after san juan, they’re known simply as joses because they all have ralph lauren uomo city polo their father’s name, as a middle name. Have an elder brother(Jose jr. )Who played water polo, said amanda ortiz irizarry.Saw him play and followed him.Back injury forced the 25 year old jose out of the sport, and he’s now coaching the puerto rican junior team.He often helps train yet another water polo playing sister, maria. Father jose, who runs a clothing store in ponce, is also the team leader of the national squad. Very, very, proud to have four of my daughters playing at such a high level, jose ortiz irizarry said in a restaurant at the puerto rican hotel in downtown melbourne.Have all trained very hard to get here.They deserve it.Ortiz irizarry says having four sisters(Cristina is 22, alejandra 21, amanda 20 and angelica 19)On the same team can be good and bad. We are down, we have the support of each other, amanda said.It’s bad because we often fight a lot when we practice.Scrimmages can often be interesting. When that’s finished, we laugh, we make jokes.We’ve been playing together for seven years, so we all have a pretty good relationship.Sisters have a common love of water polo, but don’t spend all their time out of the pool together.They attend different universities amanda is on a scholarship at california state bakersfield, the others are in puerto rico. Their musical tastes vary:Cristina and angelica love angelica also likes flamenco and salsa.Alejandra is the most competitive of the four like to win at everything i do.Played the saxophone until water polo training took up too much of her time.And angelica considers herself the one of the group. Alas, it’s not been all fun in melbourne. Puerto rico lost all three of its round robin games by a combined margin of 52 7.It lost to brazil the team it will need to beat at the pan american games in july if it wants to win a medal by a score of 13 2. The puerto ricans were then handed the biggest defeat felpe ralph lauren donna in the history of the world championships, losing 26 1 to australia.The team had an improved showing against canada, the team it often trains with in montreal, losing 13 4 on friday, with amanda ortiz irizarry scoring one of the puerto rican goals. Become a better player when you play the best teams, amanda said.Never played australia before, and they were a very strong team.Adds:Is the first time we’ve ever played in a world championships.We’ll be better next time.Vassallo, a former world record holder in the 400 meter individual medley who is now president of the puerto rican water polo federation, knows his team will improve with plenty of help from the ortiz irizarry sisters. Only got 50 girls playing water polo in puerto rico, so to get four from one family playing on one team is really something, vassallo said. He also is impressed with how they handle themselves out of the pool. Other night after they lost so badly to australia, i could hear them talking at the table, vassallo said.Were saying now they know how much harder they have to work to be competitive, to be among the good teams.They ralph lauren online store turned it all into a positive.End:Safemode >

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Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Ellesmere port traveller reviews Owner description:Cheshire oaks michael kors wallets colgate is the uk’s largest designer outlet With a quarter million square feet of retail space, comprising more than 145 boutiques, restaurants and cafes, cheshire oaks isn’t merely the uk’s largest designer outlet.The designer outlet has a wide range of stores, offering something to suit every taste.Highlights range from athletic labels, like nike and adidas, and high street favourites, like marks spencer and next, to a selection of iconic fashion brands, including burberry, polo, michael kors and hugo boss. Let me start by saying i normally hate shopping centres, especially big ones like the trafford centre.I find them airless, overheated, too noisy and claustrophobic.Cheshjre oaks is the one exception.There is a good selection of shops, both designer and more mainstream high street.There are plenty of good places to eat, too.I always find a good bargain, every time i go, although beware a lot of what is on offer is no cheaper than anywhere else.The design is very good the shops are laid out in a long circular formation which is outdoors but mostly covered.This means that you can walk round and see everything while not feeling hemmed in.If it does start to rain there is plenty of shelter, and the design means that it never gets too cold and michael kors satchel outlet windy, even in winter.I would recommend parking in the multi storey which is usually easier than hunting for a space in the central parking area. Cheshire oaks is one of my favourite places to shop to grab some bargains.I from birmingham and i love travelling down to liverpool because i know i won’t be leaving empty handed.All the stores are outlets of everyone’s favourite stores so there is something for everybody.There are a lot of designer stores there as well such as ralph lauren and mulberry which is amazing for grabbing clothes and accessories at a lower price!Many restaurants are available there such as mcdonalds, pizza express etc so you can grab a bite to eat while your there.The best part about it is that all the shops are in a circle and the car parking is in the middle so everything is in one place.Great place to shop!The only thing is:Don’t count on a store being there for months and months.Ones i have known have not stayed.A lot of shops have changed and they do continuously.

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Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Fun in the sun Resort fashion, for many canadians, is a strange sort of concept.It is, after all, still winter here, with the mercury hovering around zero, frost on the ground and just the barest glimmer of sunlight most days. Given the prevailing conditions, capris, halter dresses and sandals are not exactly the first garments we looking to wear right now.But they are the pieces that have us dreaming of an escape to someplace hot and sunny or, at the very least, of the hot and sunny days to come.So what not to love?Start your tropical fantasies with these key looks. Sadly, you want to leave it at home.Instead, slip into a chic little tailored top in a poppy colour or pretty pattern.Think fitted sleeveless styles with a touch of retro appeal, the sort of thing betty draper might wear to the pta barbecue while she sips gimlets from a thermos.Alternatively, you can opt for something cool and flowing like a fashionably forgiving tunic you can pop over a bikini top. Vince camuto halter dress, $245, available at melanie lyne.[Melanie Lyne] If you add only one new piece to your resort wardrobe, make it a dress.Nothing is easier, prettier or more practical, especially when the weather is warm and cocktails are calling to you out on the veranda.Almost any style is in, but what especially fresh right now is the halter top, with a full, flowing midi length skirt.It replaced the maxi dress that been so trendy the last couple of summers, and it a length that romantic, flattering and easy to wear. Hunter original silicone tote in bright watermelon, $95, available at hunter boots.[Hunter Boots] Lug all your stuffto the beach in style with a great tote.The best can go from office to airplane to poolside lounger they roomy, lightweight and durable, made from easycare fabrics and designed with flair.Black is basic and practical, but perhaps just a touch boring. Virginia johnson merino wool shawl in portrait with palms, $195, available at virginia johnson.[Virginia Johnson] No matter where you go, even if the days are hot, the nights are likely to be cool and so are air conditioned restaurants, shops and offices.That means you need to pack some sort of chic little coverup.The most practical, in terms of space saving, is a great shawl, which can also double as a sarong or even a pillow on a long flight.But a cute little coat or jacket is a good idea, and you can go wrong with a lightweight pullover to keep off the chill. Michael kors brush stroke matelass soutache embroidered dress, $5, 895, available through michael kors.[Michael Kors] Patterns of all sorts are hot right now, but florals are absolutely sizzling.It a trend that started a couple of seasons ago, and has now come into full bloom.Forget those ditsy wee florals you wore last year, though.We talking big, bold, beautiful blossoms, especially oversized tropicals and the kind of blowsy peonies and roses you find in an english country garden. Perfect when displayed on a dress, whether it a sleek shift or full skirted fit and flare style. Miu miu sunglasses, $360, available at holt renfrew.[Holt Renfrew] When it comes to the finishing touch, less is more, especially when you accessorize with pieces that pack a major punch.You can go wrong with a bold necklace, especially when your outfit is as simple as a sweet little shift.Great sunglasses not only make a serious statement;They practical, too.Same with a spectacular sun hat.The key with all of these is to keep them to a minimum it a killer necklace or earrings, not both. Fendi patterned trouser, $1, 670, available at holt renfrew.[Holt Renfrew] You know the rule about wearing simple black bottoms and dressing them up with colourful tops and accessories?Well, it may work for every day, but not for the resort.Instead, you want colour and pattern, the brighter and bolder the better.Look for cool cotton fabrics leave the heavy denim at home in stylishly cropped styles.The flirty florals and bold colours you seeing everywhere look especially alluring on a pair of kicky capris or dressy shorts. Marni gold sandals, $765, available at holt renfrew.[Holt Renfrew] Every once in a while, fashion and comfort come together in beautiful harmony.And this is one of those times.When it comes to footwear, the flat is where it at.And not just any flat, but sandals that offer loads of support so you can walk for days in them without agony.Last year upscale birkenstock styles are still hot, but you also find sandals, slides, ballerinas and sneakers of all sorts, to be worn with everything from swimwear to dresses. Michael kors polka dot retro bikini, price upon request.[Michael Kors] If you heading to the beach, even if all you plan to do is lie in a lounger under a shady palm tree, you will of course need a swimsuit. The retro trend of the past few years is continuing for resort and into summer and why not?It at once modest and sexy, and allows michael kors online outlet for all sorts of flattering construction to hold you up and in.Look for great colours and graphic prints, as well as bold statements in black and white.

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Monday, July 13th, 2015

Emporio armani watches and jewellery Since 1975 michael kors crossbody bags outlet armani with his in depth knowledge of design, manufactures and distributes haute couture leather goods, shoes, watches and jewellery and brand markets these products under several sub labels, including since 1981 the emporio armani line. Watch warehouse stocks a large range michael kors crossbody bags fulton of emporio armani watches and jewellery for both gents and ladies. With many designs, colours, type of strap or bracelet emporio armani watches all have the same features, analogue, quartz movement, mineral crystal, water resistance, and the armani presentation box, armani warranty card booklet,(Warranty for 2 years)Inner leather effect display case, and complete instructions for adjustment and use, with the emporio armani logo on the watch face.The quality of this renowned world famous designer michael kors bags outlet shows in the sleek fashionable look, and more importantly at very affordable prices. Emporio armani jewellery for both gents and ladies is also a fashion statement, with earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings, also cufflinks for the gents, watch warehouse is an aladdin’s cave of elegance, beauty and unusual pieces of jewellery.All pieces of jewellery purchased come with the emporio armani authentic card, emporio armani presentation box and emporio armani display pouch. Watch warehouse stock many other brands of watches calvin klein, diesel, dkny, ltd watches michael kors watches, rotary, too2late watches, and victorinox.Please direct all media enquiries to:.

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Thursday, July 9th, 2015

200 line up at Polo Park Apple Store ralph lauren uk stores for release of iPhone 5 Call cheap ralph lauren it a phone omenon. As many as 200 customers were camped outside the apple store in polo park friday morning some literally camped beginning on thursday afternoon to be first in line for the iphone 5. “It was pretty chilly, but we had some blankets, coffee.And chinese food,”Said rampersad, who was also first in line for the unveiling of the iphone 4 at the same store two years ago. “I didn’t want to risk the tradition.It will go on sale in 22 more countries next week.The iphone 5 is thinner, lighter, has a taller screen, faster processor, updated software and runs faster fourth generation mobile networks than previous models. Order numbers indicate the iphone 5 has overcome initial lukewarm reviews.Apple received two million orders in the first 24 hours after announcing its release date, more than twice the number for the iphone 4s in the same period when it launched a year ago.Analysts have estimated apple will ship as many as 10 million of the new iphones by the end of september.Friday, the line at the winnipeg outlet was approaching 100. “Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that apple knows how to build the hype,”Said bradley lacroix, 24, an it programmer. “You don’t see lineups like this at samsung. ” Lacroix and his mates, 21 year old computer program student jared mariash and 18 year old university student lindsey watson, survived the night in a little tent. “And snuggles,”Watson said. “Honestly, this is about the experience for me,”Mariash said. “This is fun to say we did it. ” Naturally, those in the lineup passed away the time on their iphones and ipads, symbolic of a generation raised on technology where”There’s an app for that. ” Interestingly, colin champagne, a 21 year old carpenter, said the one application he uses least on his new iphone is, well, the phone. “I sold my old iphone 4 on kijiji(Just before getting in line),”Champagne added. “And i kept reaching in my pocket all night thinking it was still there. ” There were tv cameras and reporters waiting for the first customers to show off their wares. When celena rampersad was asked if it was crazy to camp out for more than 30 hours for a phone, she smiled and replied: “I think it’s crazy not to be here. “

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Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

A new beginning ralph Lauren outlet online And now let us welcome the new year full of things that have never been rainer marie rilke Every new year we make resolutions, telling ourselves this year will be different.Studies have shown that just forty percent of resolutions are successful after six months.Wanting change is not enough.Not knowing ourselves at a deep level is a major impediment to the change we need to make, if we are to have more of what we want manifesting in our lives.Without knowing we stay unaware and keep repeating negative experiences. A journal has life changing potential.Journaling is a major tool in the manifestation process.Those who commit to writing a journal are more successful in achieving what they desire in life.When journaling it is important to write without censorship, leaving behind the critic, the overachiever and the perfectionist.It is impossible to write in a journal without uncovering more about your deeper longings and core issues.Here are a few journaling suggestions that may assist in your manifestation process.Write whatever comes to your mind.If you get stuck keep writing;Write through it, around it or over it.It need not make sense;It can be free association or even brainstorming.It may be surprising what comes up in such moments.This exercise dismantles the ego thinking that it has to sense be a way and be or perfectionism does not belong.Once you loosen up and the words start flowing;You become more creative, with the knowledge there is no wrong way.The consistent production of desired results must be in accordance with the law of manifestation.Understand that unless you create a clear, distinct and definite picture you do not have the foundation for that which you desire to show up.Nothing can be produced in the physical, mental or feeling world without a picture.Every one of our thoughts has a picture within it. When molding bread out of a piece of dough, unless there is a clear mental picture of the final loaf, it will not become the desired shape.If your picture is hazy and indefinite you ralph lauren bambini outlet will not have the desired outcome because there was not enough determination, attention, and feeling included in the initial visualization.Include in your journal specifics about the shape, the color and the texture, until the picture becomes vivid.Picture yourself admiring the end result, and write about the successful outcome. Seeing, feeling and knowing what you want makes it more attainable.Feel your sense of determination and write about it, as if it is already completed.This is not a dreamy, wishful, hoping exercise;But, ralph lauren uomo giacche a proactive involvement that will train your unconscious to believe you can have the fulfillment you desire.Visualization is a major key to your success. 3.Intention:This stage comes after you know and can visualize your wants.Journaling provides structure, which helps put the visualization into concrete form, as a preparation for action. Writing thoseIntentions bridges your inner and outer world;Thus, creating that cohesive energy which propels itself towards manifestation.Murray, himalayan expedition 1956) Once there is commitment, one step is never just one step, it has much more power than you realize.Do not overlook the small victories.Remember to write them down and be grateful, as they are, incrementally, the stepping stones along the path to your success.Write down the fears that prevent you from receiving the desired outcome.There are usually many layers of fear that must be uncovered before one gets to the core.Do not fool yourself, journaling most powerful results often occur after you have given yourself permission to go deeper.What you find can be painful and negative;However, it is the underbelly of golden opportunities.Avoidance and denial do not help.Working through your fears promotes self acceptance, the starting place for freedom, joy and the manifestation of dreams.As you journal about your willingness to receive, it might be a good time to review your intentions and commitment.Do you feel worthy of your desires, or are you hesitant?Are you beyond dreaming, hoping and wishing?If you feel unworthy of an abundant life, progression beyond your present level is improbable.Journaling your life story offers clarity, about limitations, beliefs, and early injunctions that may be impeding your progress.The scope of such an impact on your life must be acknowledged.If there is depression, anxiety, or other significant suffering, journaling helps to uncover the extent of your attempts to resolve such problems.If you think and feel they are insurmountable, seek professional help.The resolution of those deeper issues significantly influences the positive manifestation you can expect to experience throughout life. One advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.She draws on almost thirty years of clinical experience, with the last sixteen at life resource center, a private practice, she established in 1992. Laura’s most recent venture has been her book,”The nature of change”.This book is the beginning of a dialogue to encourage, uplift and inform the reader.In it, she reaches out to others who may never choose to seek professional help, however they may appreciate having some tools and self understanding to make necessary life changes.

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