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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Shorts at work are in In the fight against climate change, premier dalton mcguinty has been encouraging government employees to dress for summer heat to cut back air conditioning in their offices.Toronto hydro also recently launched a campaign to persuade office workers to lighten up their wardrobes to cope with warmer workplaces. As the tropical temperatures arrive, women bare arms and legs in summer dresses that can still look polished and professional at the office but what about the men?The best they’ve been able to do is ditch the jacket, loosen the tie or wear a short sleeved shirt. One of the big menswear trends this summer is shorts.On menswear runways showing trends for this spring/summer, they came in all sorts of permutations from tighty whitey tennis inspired shorts(Leave those on the courts)To truncated tuxedos(Only if you’re celebrating your bar mitzvah)To short pant suits(Strictly as a school boy outfit at halloween). What has ended up in stores are tailored shorts that real men can wear.Could this be the stylish answer for men looking to keep their cool this summer?And will they be willing to bare some leg at the office? Gotstyle, the hip king st.W. menswear store, is one retailer that has been pushing the look as aWorkWear option. Co owner Melissa Austria says they dressed their in store display mannequins in dress shorts pairedWith collared shirts and blazers. The response from some of their customers, she says,Was a resounding, “Are you crazy? ” “It’s a trend that just started.The fashion guys get it.But the regular guys, not yet,”She says. “They will see it in magazines, runways or on cooler guys and then it will be acceptable. ” But even ralph lauren uomo sconti she acknowledges that this trend will work only in certain environments, such as the nearby ad agencies and interior design firms. “It will never be accepted on bay street,”She admits. Yorkdale’s fashion director robin keeler, who oversees the upscale mall’s wardrobe consulting service for customers, also says that men in shorts have no place in the corporate world. “Valets, couriers, camp counsellors, yes.In the corporate world, you would lose all credibility,”She says of short pants in the office. For one downtown office, the look is already a daily summer uniform.Most of the men at onemethod a digital design, advertising and branding firm with clients that include nokia, samsung and cineplex sport shorts at the office. Amin todai, the founder of the firm, says they wear shorts even when meeting with clients. “I think that they like the fact that we can dress like this.For them it’s a getaway, because most likely coming from a corporate culture, they don’t get to dress like this,”Says the 31 year old, dressed in a striped polo, shorts and gucci sneakers. Does it play to preconceived notions about ralph lauren uomo manica lungo camicie their work ethic?If you’re smart and ambitious, it comes across in your work, not in the way you’re dressed, he says, adding: “I work 10 to 12 hours a day.I’m not going to do that in a suit and buttoned down shirt.It’s uncomfortable and i would find that counterproductive. ” It may be just a matter of time before the look infiltrates more offices because, while the concrete canyons of bay street are not welcoming the trend, shorts are doing brisk business in some places. “Shorts are in high demand in our stores,”Says jeff farbstein, vice president of general merchandising at harry rosen, adding most are for vacation attire or golf clubs. Holt renfrew’s menswear market editor alon freeman, reached in milan, acknowledged that the trend will grow. “When you do it right in a suiting fabric, narrow and to the knee, with a shirt and jacket it looks surprisingly good, even though half your pants appear to be missing. “

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Monday, September 28th, 2015

Huntley enters a grey area On wednesday, however, parent grey, a publicly held firm, said it would begin folding levine into its manhattan headquarters, meaning curtains for an agency founded in 1972. Levine huntleys days were numbered this year, when principal client subaru of america yanked its $80 million plus account.Levine huntley never recovered, despite a management revamp, from the loss of a client that represented an estimated 65 percent of its income. This will depend on whether the handful of levine huntley clients, including dreyfus corp., Ethan Allen Inc.And bausch lomb for its ray ban, hook on to grey. But chances are, even if most clients ray ban outlet remain in the grey fold, no more than 15 or 20 levine huntley employees will cling to their jobs. So more ad agency personnel will be on the street, further increasing those ranks in manhattan, where the number may exceed 3, 500 in only three years, resulting from mergers, a weak business climate and cost efficiencies.Among those on the fence is levine huntleys ed vick, who joined the agency as chief executive in february(When the shop was renamed levine, huntley, vick beaver)After subaru put its account in play. Grey had made him an offer, but he says, were still discussing the matter. Mercedes sets review Mercedes benz of north america is the latest in the wheels business to put its advertising account up for review.Its a biggie, mercedes having spent $88 million in media in 1990, and $51 million for the first half of 1991, both figures tracked by leading national advertisers.Mercedes hasnt contacted outside agencies, enlisting the help of consultant william weilbacher.Mercedes, which has been selling cars in this country since the 1950s, said it had no particular dissatisfaction with mccaffrey.The auto sector has been weak mercedes sales in this country are off 21 percent, to 49, 219 cars, for the first 10 months of 1991 and firms are seeking new ad approaches.In the last 15 months, a half dozen other importers, including subaru, saab and volvo, have named new agencies.Peaked at 99, 314 in 1986, before a tax overhaul.Some 78, 375 mercedes were sold in 1990. Ddb needham cutback There was a flurry of pink slips wednesday at ddb needham chicago, resulting in the dismissal of 24 staffers, or 4 percent of its 608 person office.As much as an estimated $900, 000 in payroll is being eliminated with the cutback.The cutback most of those fired are professionals reflects client ad budget cheap ray bans uk reductions.Recently, ddb needhams manhattan headquarters underwent a similar downsizing. Joseph e.Brooks, anntaylor stores corp.S chairman and chief executive, is stepping down, the firm wednesday announcing his retirement next year after his successor is appointed.The announcement pertaining to the 64 year old brooks, a one time boss of the lord taylor chain, comes less than a month after his son thomas, 38, resigned as anntaylors president and chief operating officer, a move that takes effect friday.Joe brooks in early 1989 led a leveraged buyout of the womens clothing chain with merrill lynch capital markets.Anntaylor has nearly 200 stores nationally, including eight in the chicago area. Joe kopec, recently senior vice president and a managing director at hill knowlton chicago, joins edelman public relations worldwide/chicago thursday as an executive vice president.Hell have responsibilities in corporate and financial pr. On the move:William m.Winters appointed senior manager of business development in gilbane building co.S midwest regional office.Geoff melick named associate creative director at mccann healthcare advertising.

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Friday, September 25th, 2015

School money The first thing to do before spending is to check if you are eligble for any allowances.If you are on a training course yourself, you may ralph lauren online be eligible, so it is not just those on social welfare. There is help for clothing, footwear and books and i have included all the relevant links in the sections below. 1.Draw up a budget A quarter of parents do not budget for their child going back to school and half encountered an unforeseen cost, such as payments for school materials or school donations, according to a survey by the national consumer agency. So, just as you may budget for household expenses, it is also really helpful to know how much you will spend in total on school costs. When you have a budget and stick to it you can plan your cash flow and you tend to spend less, as you have your eye on total costs.Do not buy sundries here and there;Create a back to school budget. Here is an excellent planning guide created by the national consumer agency, including everything from school uniform to books and pe. At this stage most people will already have made most of their back to school purchases, but it is still worth your while to fill in what you have already spent, then add the expenses that are still to come so that you know what your overall spend will be. For example, you will still have to plan and budget for voluntary contributions, payments for extra curricular activities, transport and so on. Remember to factor in those annual school trips, some of which can be very costly, especially if you have more than one child in secondary school. This approach will also let you know if you will need to spread the cost by postponing some expenditure if possible, so that you can manage your own cash flow better.It will make clear what you need to budget or save for, and what you may have to ditch. One idea is to ditch the contribution if you can not afford it.As most parents feel this is a must, you could offer your time instead(Remember your time has a real value). Discuss this ralph lauren uomo maglioni with the school and see if you can help out on school activities for example or whether you could supervise at music or art classes. 2.Uniforms and crests how to save Check if you are eligible for the back to school clothing and footwear allowance. It is worth for children up to the age of 11 and from age 12.Some people will automatically get this and will have received a letter in june.If not you can still apply until the end of september. This is means tested so find out from your local citizens information centre of social or social welfare office online what the eligibility criteria is first. You may be eligible if you are getting ralph lauren uomo a welfare payment, if you are taking part in a training course or attending a fas course. It is cheaper to buy generic uniforms and add a crest yourself if necessary. Although some schools require parents to buy from designated shops, there should be no embarrassment in phoning the school to express interest in shopping around yourself. Remember, everyone is suffering from the recession and schools should be more understanding about personal finances than they have been in the past.Many schools arrange this also, where crests are around sew it on yourself of get someone to do it for you, there are also plenty of businesses that do this, so ask your school.

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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

Be afraid of the big bad Chicago shopping can be compared to a high school cafeteria.Each”Group”Has their specific sections of the cafeteria that they claim as their own.Rarely do people branch out of their comfort zone and interact with other groups but when they do, they’re pleasantly surprised by what they find. Much like a cafeteria, chicago’s shopping destinations are sectioned off into different neighborhoods that cater to ones particular taste.However, don’t be scared by the fact that you may not fall into bucktown’s”Hipster”Crowd or lincoln park’s”Yuppie”Scene.Despite the fact that chicago’s shopping map may be laid out like a cafeteria, the folks sitting at these”Tables”Aren’t like the ones you encountered in high school. So you consider yourself a prepster who enjoys argyle socks and sweaters wrapped around your neck, but your shopping destinations don’t go beyond the stores on north ave/clyborn?Hop on the brown line and jump off on the southport stop.You’ll find that you have a lot in common with fashionistas that push their bugaboo strollers down this neighborhood street.Not only will you find an amazingly large anthropologie with an un touched sale section, but you’ll see boutiques like krista k and mint julep that offer options that will make you pass on flipping through the latest j crew catalog. Now if you’re more the type that considers ray ban wayfers, a knitted wool cap and chuck taylors your daily uniform, but you don’t go anywhere the blue line doesn’t stop think again.This un assuming neighborhood has become a key destination when finding vintage gems.Knee deep vintage alone is a great reason to go south of milwaukee avenue, but while you’re in the area check out deliciously vintage and pilsen vintage it’s a trifecta of stores that can’t be missed. You say you’re more of a”Suburban”Someone who considers a shopping destination to only come in the form of a large block shape building, also known as a mall.You come into the city for a day of shopping, but have no idea where to find what you’ll like.Bucktown should be your only stop.Sure you’ll find one or two of those mall stores you love, but this hood has got something for everyone.Not only will you find an amazing selection of hats at goorin bros that will get cheap ray ban sunglasses uk you through rough chicago winters, but you can also snatch the latest us weekly like fashions at scoop nyc. Take a deep breath and don’t let nerves get the best of you.Step out of your comfort zone and see what the other side of the cafeteria has to offer.

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Monday, September 21st, 2015

August 2013 sol ray ban sunglasses for women trinidad magaluf Had to wait a while to get checked in(Spanish time not at all like english time).Room clean food excellent lots of choice both for breakfast and dinner.Just beware of black women outside the hotel posing as prostitutes, they mug very drunk men and work in pairs/groups signalling to each other where wallets are in pockets.Beach excellent and bars along the front quite reasonable to buy water/food.Some fantastic restaurants if you want to be a bit more upmarket without paying a fortune, specially crusoes and palm beach(Which has a swimming pool inside the bar).Please do not think it is all full of english louts getting drunk every night, although obviously this does happen lots of alternative bars which are a bit more select. Room tip:Ask for a sea view or pool view to avoid getting a view over mcdonalds! Just got back from the sol trindad a cheap ray bans uk few days ago.Have been going to maguluf for the last 12 years, but usually stop in private apartments.The resort itself is good and caters for everyone from young to old.But my report is mainly about the hotel which i thought was very good.We arrived late at night and the booking in was made easy.Room was overlooking the pool on the 7th floor.Was clean and fresh maids came in everyday.The hotel was very clean through out.The noise was minimal.We stayed bed and breakfast.There was a good choice for breakfast and it was very nice.A last mention for the staff who were always pleasant and friendly.Ps only downside could do with a better extractor in the bathroom. Magaluf is possibly one of the best places to go away with mates.Sol trini was a perfect base for it, so close to bcm square and macdonald opposite, on a lads holiday you cant ask for much more!Bcm sq is about a 3 min walk and the main strip like 5 mins.It was an ideal hotel, we did b we only made it to breakfast once and that was after we walked in from a night out at 9am!Our group of lads came out to visit our friends who live work in magaluf, we all never wanted to come home, every night during june july august and sept theres always something going on!If your looking for a clean, basic hotel then this your one, close to everything.Pool area you have to be up early or come straight from your night out to the sunbeds otherwise you wont get one!Would definitely go back! We stayed at the sol trinidad and it exceeded our expectations.The hotel was clean, our room was a really nice size for 2 the food was really good with lots of choice definately something for everyone.The only disappoint was the entertainment which was very, very, very poor: (.Would def stay at the sol trinidad again, happy hols people: )) Just returned from a ten night trip at this hotel, unfortunately, not happy and very dissatisfied.I have been to this hotel 7 times in lAst few years, although i will not be returning again.I never write long and lenthy reviews but i feel that i need to after this stay As the hotel As gone down the pan.The negatives am afraid far outweigh the positives, heed the other trip advisers views As they are correct.Firstly, the welcome we received from the reception wAs abissmal, to say the leAst.Fabilo(Or fabi ‘As’ lola As we prefer to call her wAs quite happy to have us sleep on the beach.We had booked two rooms for four people on the melia website the hotels website, half board.One with comments of ‘double bed if possible’ and on the second ‘twin beds pleAse’.I booked the rooms myself and have booked numerous holidays before and have never made a mistake.When we go to the front desk, all 4 of us, we were advised the rooms were for 1 person each.I stated to fabi(As)Ola that there must be a mistake As obviously there are 4 of us and i would not book rooms for 4 of us in rooms for one person what is the point in that you cannot eat As you are Asked for a room number prior to entering the dining room?Anyway, she wouldnt listen, and said”This is your problem, not mine”And walked away!I called her back and Asked to speak to her manager, the repy, ‘no manager on today’.This woman wAs extremely rude and very difficult.I then Asked her well, what are we to do, it wAs 11pm, we were tired and we just wanted to put our cAses away and sleep.She said she said she could book us in for 177 euros more each room!I Asked her how she worked that out, bearing in mind we had paid 277 for 5 nights, she said this wAs the price and thats it.She then walked away with her hands over her ears whilst we were trying to speak to her!Unbelievable.I Asked the other lady at the desk, who said nothing and simply stood in the background that we wanted to speak to her again, she came back and i said that this cannot be right As i have the hotel on my ipad right now for 55 per night, for 2 people, half board, she said no, we don’t sell rooms for 2 people for this price!What a liar!I had trip adviser in my hand showing this price!The she barked back, that’s ‘s, not euros, em thick or what, pounds are worth more than eureos? !? !She then left the reception and went back in the back room.Anyway in order to resolve the matter myself As it wAs quite obvious the hotel staff were in no way seeking to Assist us in any way whatsoever, we booked two rooms on another website, for 280 each room, 56 per night.I cancelled the rooms we had booked with the hotel, and my card so i wouldn’t get charged, yes fabi(As)Ola, i’m not that stupid.Ten minutes later the booking came through and guess what fabi(As)Ola wouldnt come out of the back room!No apology, nothing, just ignored us.Absolutely disgraceful.The spanish need to understand they are no longer alone in the tourist industry for us brits we now travel all over the world and with customer service like this, it is no wonder we are leaving spain and going elsewhere.The hotel, after us speaking to the manager the following day sent a bottle of cheap sparkling wine to make up for it, hardly works bearing in mind the trauma we went through at one point thinking we may have to head for the beach with all the prostitiutes.There were security guards on the door, but they do nothing.We stayed 5 nights, extended to 10 due to french air strikes(Not through choice)And not once was any of us asked for our room number or the hotel key, anyone could waltz in.At one point we walked in and there was a man at the lift waiting to go up when the security walked over and asked him was he staying in the hotel?He had a wrist band from another hotel on, durrrr?Pretty obvious really.Was asked to leave, but how did he manage to get in?In fact if he took the stairs he would have been in the hotel.I advised the manager of this the following day who said, no way, all guests are asked for name or room member no they aren’t.Rose tinted glasses comes to mind and that all is well, well is isn’t.The security are obviously lazy and can’t be bothered.I was also advised by my father in law one day he came back to the hotel early for a nap and saw two black men walking up and down the corridors trying all the door handles?Management was told again, to no avail.Finally in relation to noise, no no noise from the strip, but yes definately from the people in the hotel.The walls are paper thin and three nights of my stay i was woken by next door shouting and screaming to each other and banging front and sliding doors, followed by music.This went on for hours.I tried to ring reception, to no avail.At one point i heard the door open and the boy in the room ask a spanish couple at the door ‘ any sniff’ which i understand to be cocaine.I opened the door and there was a man and woman both spanish and not with the next door neighbours obviously drug dealing?I quickly closed the door.Again i reported this to the manager who advised me, no one gets in the hotel without showing a key they may have been staying in the hotel no they weren’t, get a grip!I notice no one at the hotel has addressed any of the reviews below in relation to the prostitutes?This is because it is true!Am afraid with staff like this and prostitutes galore, it isn’t worth the hassle.Stay somewhere else Official description(Provided by the hotel): Welcome to the house of the sun!Vibrant with people and music!The totally refurbished sol house trinidad presents a new concept of fun filled and stylish vacations, only 50 meters from the magnificent sandy beach and right in the heart of the entertainment and shopping area.Stay connected with complimentary wifi;Enjoy an all new lounging area featuring a relaxing pool, new spacious sun deck with sun beds and bali beds;Have a drink and catch up with friends in the pool bar whilst listening to our djs playing the best beats or savour unique dining.The new cool! Location:50 m from the beach.26 km from the Airport.14 km from Palma de Mallorca.2 km from Golf Poniente and 5 km from Golf Bendinat. Rooms suites:Totally refurbished modern and comfortable rooms overlooking the pools or with stunning sea views.Equipped with free wifi, furnished terrace, two single beds, 42 flat screen tv, air conditioning, mini fridge, safe and full bathroom with spacious shower and hairdryer. Leisure facilities:Free wifi throughout the hotel.New spacious pool with modern sun beds and towel service(With deposit).New sun deck with infinity pool, sun beds, bali beds and pool bar.Gym. Full activities programme with djs sessions, fitness, and activities based on the local culture and traditions;Live music and wow moments!

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Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Homemade quantum laser micrometer nestor What is a quantum laser micrometer?Very simply, a micrometer is a device to measure the width of a very small object.Usually, small widths are measured mechanically or electronically.With a laser quantum micrometer, nano distances can be measured with a greater accuracy than can be measured by other means, and you can make one cheaply at home! In this simple but detailed instructable i going to show you how to reconstruct my spin on the famous slit experiment at home to illustrate some freaky quantum mechanical effects and how they work, find the width of a human hair, have stuff be in two spots at once, and information from the universe, showing that sometimes stuff acts like it is in two spots at the same time, but changes back to being at one spot once you interact with it.After completing this instructable, you will hopefully have a more complete understanding of quantum mechanics, what it means, why it is relevant, and how to creatively use it. What people do not realize is that it is possible to reconstruct the very experiment that sparked the field of quantum physics right at home using only household materials.After one chemistry lecture in which one of my professors was explaining quantum mechanics, i bet one friend that i could perform the slit experiment using only a human hair, a laser pointer, a string, a measuring tape, along with tape and some other common materials.What resulted from this is a new device that can be used to measure nano distances right at home at a cost of around only a few dollars:The quantum laser micrometer(Or nestor’s micrometer if you are feeling like giving an honorable mention). Quantum physics is a relatively new field of physics.Just as sir isaac newton theories explained the actions of the very large, quantum mechanics focuses on the mysterious world of the very small, and has made several startling claims.Quantum physics was founded on the notion that matter behaves like particles(Solid)When it is a part of a large object because it has a larger influence on its environment, but behaves more like a wave(In many possible places at once, like a cloud or a of potentials that radiates outward)When it is smaller and interacts less with its environment.In fact, the notion of particles themselves is not as”Solid”As one might initially think, but can be thought of distributions of energy(Such as light)At discrete quantities(“Quanta”).This is initially a difficult concept to grasp, but essentially the wave/particle duality means that matter(Stuff)Is in no one definite spot at once until the universe records its presence there by interacting with it(Such as when it bumps into something or light hits it);Thus smaller particles are more likely to behave more and larger pieces or matter behave more i talk about this more later. Okay i don want to scare any of you away.This experiment is actually really simple, but the concepts behind it are somewhat confusing at first(It is quantum physics after all).Basically we know that matter behaves like a single point if it a really big glob of it, but the smaller the glob gets the more it behaves like a normally when people think they think of ocean waves or sound waves.When the word is used here, it means simply that like ripples in a pond, if a wavelike particle were moving, where it would be at any given time after it started moving would be anywhere and everywhere along a that radiates outward from the source where it began moving.The picture above shows what i mean.That one of the quantum effects we will illustrate. Since we know that matter(Things)Should only be in one place at once, not two, the instant that one of the ripples hits another object, thus with the universe, the wavelike behavior of the blob of matter disappears and begins to act like it in one spot(Again.So in other words if the ripple bumps into something or we try to see the blob acting like it in many spots at the same time the blob says to itself no! They catching on to me I going to act like I in one spotAgain. Even though stuff acts like this, we can still catch it behaving like christian louboutin womens boots it in many spots at the same time and acting like a wave.The slit experiment is how we do this.If we pass blobs of stuff through two slits and it creates a pattern of two bands of hits on the back of the wall we know that it acting like a solid particle.If it makes a pattern with many bands of hits on the back of the wall we know that it acting wavelike. Your instructable is a wonderful demonstration of quantum theory for the laymen, everything that i have read concerning the double slit experiment says exactly what you stated concerning quantum mechanics and the explanation of its effect.It seems kelsymh doesn get enough recognition where he supposedly teaches at and wants 15 minutes of instructable fame by schooling someone on a basic demonstration.I appreciate your post and think that people(Ie kelsymh)Who have the ocd necessity to criticize shouldn waste everyone bandwidth with their own insecurities because they can get tenure.Thanks for the instructable. Where i was working previously, we used 650nm lasers, diffused, reflecting off a moving mirror shard and back to a camera to measure distance traveled by our nano indentation devices.When an interference line moved across a reticule on the computer screen it was measured by pixel hue to determine the start of a line.It was very accurate and was used to calibrate the device for travel.The machines are used for indentation into materials to measure hardness, modulus, etc.Using a calibrated diamond(Three sided pyramid)Tip which was really best seen under a microscope.Calibrating the tip involved indentations into a silica wafer and adjusting parameters until it read the silica properly.The machines are used in various places, especially in the microchip industry.We developed a way of using the device to scan the surface of a sample and make a 3d picture of the surface, such as a microchip circuit. By ken griffey jr shoes one unofficial count, there are 33 menu items featuring chicken at bobby valentine sports gallery caf the restaurant right ken griffey shoes on main street in stamford, conn., whose owner is about to christian louboutin outlet become the 45th manager of the Boston Red Sox.Buffalo wings.Chicken griffey shoes fingers.A dozen beers on tap.And nike ken griffey max fury 2012 even though the portrait of the sox clubhouse as an out of control playground for pampered millionaires griffey fury 2012 has been vastly exaggerated, there is no doubt that the red sox are about to encounter a jarring new reality under valentine, whose nike griffey fury 2012 world view is considerably less tolerant than that of his predecessor, terry francona. With the deadline for the deficit cutting congressional christian louboutin supercommittee rapidly approaching, president obama urged lawmakers today to abandon christian their positions and reach a consensus, warning there are no beans to solve the deficit problem.Hope is that over the next several days, the congressional leadership on the supercommittee go ahead and bite the bullet and do what needs to be done cheap christian louboutin because the math won change, obama told reporters at a press conference.No christian louboutin shoes uk store magic formula.There are no magic beans that you can toss in the ground and suddenly a bunch of money grows on trees.We got to just go ahead and do the responsible thing.Just christian louboutin cheap ten days to go, the president urged lawmakers not to try and change the automatic cuts triggered if the committee fails to lower the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion.

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Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

A solution for those monday blues It a monday afternoon and i watch my son skipping back from school in his what was previously white uniform. Really, why do schools all around the country insist on pristine whites on mondays?Is it just based on the follow the herd mentality or is there some profound reason that i am missing?I searched the web, but didn get any satisfactory answers. Let look at the facts.Summer, which lasts for many months in most of india, means dust, sand, smoke and baking hot, muddy playgrounds.About monsoon, well, i don need to say a word.And children love playing.So, is the white uniform meant to be some sadistic test of the ralph lauren uomo online the laundry man? Looking down at my son brownish black shoes(He pushed me first,Mom!With black laces(Stepped into the puddle under the taps as i was washing my hands,Mom!Muddied bottom(To sit on the ground before pe!And dirty shirt(Mom!I sigh and think, why can we ralph lauren bambini tees have a uniform that makes life simple for all of us? Why not do away with the button up white shirt?And try a navy blue polo t shirt instead?No more doing up buttons in the morning rush, no more collar scrubbing, no more struggles with ironing! Why not replace the white shorts and skirts with full length navy blue joggers that come with elastic waistbands?Just pull on, no fuss.No need for help with buttons, zips, belts, what have you.And goodbye to abrasions on the knee. And surely, it time we got rid of the lace up white canvas shoes.Navy plimsolls are just the thing, instead.Plimsolls with velcro straps, mind you.The ones the children can do themselves.No trip me up, can you help me tie the knot laces.No sir.Just strap on the shoes and run to school. Why navy blue?Well, you guessed it.My favourite colour.And a smart colour for shoes, i thought.Any dark colour would do.Chocolate brown, bottle green, deep crimson, you name it.But please, let bid good riddance to white mondays.And bring on the monday blues!

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Monday, September 14th, 2015

32 Times You Looked Completely Adorable Kate middleton, duchess of cheap ralph lauren cambridge, might get most of the spotlight when it comes to young royals, but today, it’s time to turn the focus on prince william. The prince, who is second in line to the english throne, celebrates his 32nd birthday on june 21, 2014, and it’s about time he got some appreciation. There’s something lovingly dopey about the prince we find hard to resist in his many photo opps(Especially when he’s gazing down at his son, prince george).Perhaps that’s not the best descriptor for a future king of england, but it’s hard to deny his abashed facial expressions and general”Who me? “Demeanour.In the words of the brits, he just seems like ralph lauren UK a”Nice bloke. ” So if you’re in agreement, you too might enjoy these pictures we’ve put together of prince william, duke of cambridge, from the last year or so, looking completely like the guy you want at your dinner party. BRitain’s pRince wiLLiam, duke of cambRidge,(R)And former engLand footbaLL pLayer david beckham(L)Laugh together as they prepare to pose for a picture during an event to launch the united for wildlife campaign whosesideareyouon which aims to use the power of sport to raise awareness of conservation issues around the world, in central london on june 9, 2014.The duke of cambridge, president of united for wildlife, was joined by david beckham, who heads a team of sporting stars backing the campaign to engage young people’s support on social networks to combat the illegal trade in wildlife products.Afp photo / leon neal(Photo credit should read leon neal/afp/getty images)

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Friday, September 11th, 2015

Fashion police michael kors crossbody bags uk Short and sweet the trend in grammy fashion this year was short gowns and the best of the short frocks was worn by fergie of the black eyed peas, says stylist mary alice stephenson, a contributing fashion editor at harpers bazaar.She says the singer can sometimes get sloppy but this badgley mischka sterling silver mini with with black diamond crystal embroidery hit all the right notes. “A”For effort the coordinAted short dresses worn by the pussycAt dolls looked ’80s ish And A bit tAcky, sAys stephenson.The stylist howver gAve them An”A”For the effort they put into coordinating their ensembles.From left are melody thornton, kimberly wyatt, ashley roberts, nicole scherzinger, jessica sutta and carmit bachar. Credit:Ap Shiny, pretty people metallic gowns were plentiful on the grammy red carpet and the best of that look was worn by country singer carrie underwood, stephenson says.The blonde singer wore a long golden badgley mischka gown. Credit:Ap Glittering gem beyonce knowles chose a champagne colored strapless dress by giorgio armani prive with crystals on the bustline and waistline and looked elegant, according to stephenson. Credit:Getty images/frazer michael kors satchels greenwich harrison In the details here’s a closer look at the crystal accents on beyonce’s giorgio armani prive gown. Credit:Getty images/frazer harrison Where’s the lawnmower?Singer nelly furtado did not look good in her short, white dress with a fringed hem.Says stephenson: “She looked like a lawnmower ran over the bottom of the dress.Not good, nelly. ” Credit:Ap A dream jennifer hudson, says stephenson, shows people how full figured stars can look fabulous on the red carpet.Her red, form fitting halter gown by roberto cavalli embraces her curves.The sylist has just one tip:More embellishment for the oscars. Credit:Ap Red carpet winner r singer mary j.Blige, one of the evening’s biggest grammy winners, was also a fashion winner.She wore a nude colored michael kors’ v neck beaded gown with a metallic belt.Stephenson says it is a big step from the days when blige would”Cover herself up with a big hat and sunglasses. ” Credit:Getty images/frazer harrison See the fabric here’s a closer look at the beaded metallic fabric of mary j.Blige’s gown. Credit:Getty images/frazer harrison For any age”Stunningly gorgeous. “That was stephenson’s assessment of natalie cole in a red zac posen gown with waistline bow.She says the 57 year old cole makes”50s look like the new 20s. ” Credit:Ap The dress was nice.Christina aguilera wore a beautiful white ungaro strapless gown with purple trim around the bust and a beige ribbon around her waist.But she ruined it with too much makeup.Stephenson’s assessment:She looked michael kors sale uk like a caricature of herself. All that hair shakira’s famous body was covered in a delicate red strapless chiffon gown by carolina herrera.But, says stephenson, you could barely see it because of all the attention focused on her unruly locks. Credit:Ap photo Full formal singer john mayer epitomized the best of the formal look, but he accessorized his armani tuxedo with some patent leather nikes. Credit:Ap This means business justin timberlake, who is co designer of a menswear line, turned up in a prada gray one button tuxedo with a white shirt and army green tie with gray stars. Going to extremes it wouldn’t be the grammys without some odd red carpet looks and the musical group ok go did not disappoint.They covered their faces with fabric that matched their bronze and burgundy paisley suits.

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Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Jennifer lopez in christian siriano on fashion police Now this is a set of fashion twinsies that we would never have expected! Maggie grace debuted the outfit first, showing up at a screening for her latest film taken 3 in the navy knit top and green metallic flared skirt(Both from christian siriano’s spring 2015 collection), which she paired with a dark bra and matching pointy pumps. Just two weeks later, jennifer lopez hit the town to promote her new film the boy next door wearing the exact same outfit!She made some slight changes, louboutin shoes outlet most noticeably her top knot and a nude colored bra that shines bright through her sheer top. J.Lo has been killing it lately on christian louboutin outlet the fashion scene, and while no doubt she looks amazing in this outfit as well, we’re gonna have to go with maggie on this one.For starters, the young actress chose the perfect accessories(And kept them to a minimum), going with some fun statement earrings and keeping the rest of her look toned down, along with her pulled back hairstyle. The latin songstress, on the other hand, was feeling super bold christian louboutin womens platforms and went for it, from her multicolored pvc pumps by christian louboutin to her mint green eyeshadow.We honestly love everything about her look, but that nude bra is shining in our faces and is a tad distracting(We think).

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