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30 ralph lauren uomo outlet hidden shirt ralph lauren italia outlet camera :$30 hidden shirt camera Why spend $200 on a camera?When you can do the same for less.If your going to record at school start before entering the classroo.Find a some what loosely fitting polo for the camera then take the housing off of the camera, make sure to remove both the front and back then cut the battery holder off, i used a soldering iron to make the cut, when you are finished cutting, refit the pins on the circuit board and make sure the camera works.Step 2:Get out your sewing kits boys and girls!Before we start sewing cut one of the speaker wires(Blue and red).Find some string colored as your polo and sew the circuit board to a position to where the lense is just visible to you coming out(Sorry for the bad image quality i used a web cam. )Attach the battery pack and use a small amount of duct tape to hold it in place and as for the usb hack 1.Cut and strip and short section of usb cable solder the red black green and white leads to the mainboard’s edge connector 2.If your going to record at school start before entering the classroom and ensure that the camera is not sticking out.I want to thank make for the camera hacking instructionsnot sure where you shop but a reasonably nice 3 ccd ralph lauren donna abiti dv camera can be had for a lot less then $1000 and there are several pro models that are less then $1500 starting out.You can get several new consumer models for under $300.The point here was that this would work to play around with.I do not think they were meaning that you could buy a cheap camera like this and shoot a movie with it.There are people who use web forums and chat sites just to promote their own pages.I have apologised for my harsh comment previously so don’t need you to open old wounds thanks.

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