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Shorts at work are in In the fight against climate change, premier dalton mcguinty has been encouraging government employees to dress for summer heat to cut back air conditioning in their offices.Toronto hydro also recently launched a campaign to persuade office workers to lighten up their wardrobes to cope with warmer workplaces. As the tropical temperatures arrive, women bare arms and legs in summer dresses that can still look polished and professional at the office but what about the men?The best they’ve been able to do is ditch the jacket, loosen the tie or wear a short sleeved shirt. One of the big menswear trends this summer is shorts.On menswear runways showing trends for this spring/summer, they came in all sorts of permutations from tighty whitey tennis inspired shorts(Leave those on the courts)To truncated tuxedos(Only if you’re celebrating your bar mitzvah)To short pant suits(Strictly as a school boy outfit at halloween). What has ended up in stores are tailored shorts that real men can wear.Could this be the stylish answer for men looking to keep their cool this summer?And will they be willing to bare some leg at the office? Gotstyle, the hip king st.W. menswear store, is one retailer that has been pushing the look as aWorkWear option. Co owner Melissa Austria says they dressed their in store display mannequins in dress shorts pairedWith collared shirts and blazers. The response from some of their customers, she says,Was a resounding, “Are you crazy? ” “It’s a trend that just started.The fashion guys get it.But the regular guys, not yet,”She www.ctrs.it says. “They will see it in magazines, runways or on cooler guys and then it will be acceptable. ” But even ralph lauren uomo sconti she acknowledges that this trend will work only in certain environments, such as the nearby ad agencies and interior design firms. “It will never be accepted on bay street,”She admits. Yorkdale’s fashion director robin keeler, who oversees the upscale mall’s wardrobe consulting service for customers, also says that men in shorts have no place in the corporate world. “Valets, couriers, camp counsellors, yes.In the corporate world, you would lose all credibility,”She says of short pants in the office. For one downtown office, the look is already a daily summer uniform.Most of the men at onemethod a digital design, advertising and branding firm with clients that include nokia, samsung and cineplex sport shorts at the office. Amin todai, the founder of the firm, says they wear shorts even when meeting with clients. “I think that they like the fact that we can dress like this.For them it’s a getaway, because most likely coming from a corporate culture, they don’t get to dress like this,”Says the 31 year old, dressed in a striped polo, shorts and gucci sneakers. Does it play to preconceived notions about ralph lauren uomo manica lungo camicie their work ethic?If you’re smart and ambitious, it comes across in your work, not in the way you’re dressed, he says, adding: “I work 10 to 12 hours a day.I’m not going to do that in a suit and buttoned down shirt.It’s uncomfortable and i would find that counterproductive. ” It may be just a matter of time before the look infiltrates more offices because, while the concrete canyons of bay street are not welcoming the trend, shorts are doing brisk business in some places. “Shorts are in high demand in our stores,”Says jeff farbstein, vice president of general merchandising at harry rosen, adding most are for vacation attire or golf clubs. Holt renfrew’s menswear market editor alon freeman, reached in milan, acknowledged that the trend will grow. “When you do it right in a suiting fabric, narrow and to the knee, with a shirt and jacket it looks surprisingly good, even though half your pants appear to be missing. “

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