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Fun in the sun Resort fashion, for many canadians, is a strange sort of concept.It is, after all, still winter here, with the mercury hovering around zero, frost on the ground and just the barest glimmer of sunlight most days. Given the prevailing conditions, capris, halter dresses and sandals are not exactly the first garments we looking to wear right now.But they are the pieces that have us dreaming of an escape to someplace hot and sunny or, at the very least, of the hot and sunny days to come.So what not to love?Start your tropical fantasies with these key looks. Sadly, you want to leave it at home.Instead, slip into a chic little tailored top in a poppy colour or pretty pattern.Think fitted sleeveless styles with a touch of retro appeal, the sort of thing betty draper might wear to the pta barbecue while she sips gimlets from a thermos.Alternatively, you can opt for something cool and flowing like a fashionably forgiving tunic you can pop over a bikini top. Vince camuto halter dress, $245, available at melanie lyne.[Melanie Lyne] If you add only one new piece to your resort wardrobe, make it a dress.Nothing is easier, prettier or more practical, especially when the weather is warm and cocktails are calling to you out on the veranda.Almost any style is in, but what especially fresh right now is the halter top, with a full, flowing midi length skirt.It replaced the maxi dress that been so trendy the last couple of summers, and it a length that romantic, flattering and easy to wear. Hunter original silicone tote in bright watermelon, $95, available at hunter boots.[Hunter Boots] Lug all your stuffto the beach in style with a great tote.The best can go from office to airplane to poolside lounger they roomy, lightweight and durable, made from easycare fabrics and designed with flair.Black is basic and practical, but perhaps just a touch boring. Virginia johnson merino wool shawl in portrait with palms, $195, available at virginia johnson.[Virginia Johnson] No matter where you go, even if the days are hot, the nights are likely to be cool and so are air conditioned restaurants, shops and offices.That means you need to pack some sort of chic little coverup.The most practical, in terms of space saving, is a great shawl, which can also double as a sarong or even a pillow on a long flight.But a cute little coat or jacket is a good idea, and you can go wrong with a lightweight pullover to keep off the chill. Michael kors brush stroke matelass soutache embroidered dress, $5, 895, available through michael kors.[Michael Kors] Patterns of all sorts are hot right now, but florals are absolutely sizzling.It a trend that started a couple of seasons ago, and has now come into full bloom.Forget those ditsy wee florals you wore last year, though.We talking big, bold, beautiful blossoms, especially oversized tropicals and the kind of blowsy peonies and roses you find in an english country garden. Perfect when displayed on a dress, whether it a sleek shift or full skirted fit and flare style. Miu miu sunglasses, $360, available at holt renfrew.[Holt Renfrew] When it comes to the finishing touch, less is more, especially when you accessorize with pieces that pack a major punch.You can go wrong with a bold necklace, especially when your outfit is as simple as a sweet little shift.Great sunglasses not only make a serious statement;They practical, too.Same with a spectacular sun hat.The key with all of these is to keep them to a minimum it a killer necklace or earrings, not both. Fendi patterned trouser, $1, 670, available at holt renfrew.[Holt Renfrew] You know the rule about wearing simple black bottoms and dressing them up with colourful tops and accessories?Well, it may work for every day, but not for the resort.Instead, you want colour and pattern, the brighter and bolder the better.Look for cool cotton fabrics leave the heavy denim at home in stylishly cropped styles.The flirty florals and bold colours you seeing everywhere look especially alluring on a pair of kicky capris or dressy shorts. Marni gold sandals, $765, available at holt renfrew.[Holt Renfrew] Every once in a while, fashion and comfort come together in beautiful harmony.And this is one of those times.When it comes to footwear, the flat is where it at.And not just any flat, but sandals that offer loads of support so you can walk for days in them without agony.Last year upscale birkenstock styles are still hot, but you also find sandals, slides, ballerinas and sneakers of all sorts, to be worn with everything from swimwear to dresses. Michael kors polka dot retro bikini, price upon request.[Michael Kors] If you heading to the beach, even if all you plan to do is lie in a lounger under a shady palm tree, you will of course need a swimsuit. The retro trend of the past few years is continuing for resort and into summer and why not?It at once modest and sexy, and allows michael kors online outlet for all sorts of flattering construction to hold you up and in.Look for great colours and graphic prints, as well as bold statements in black and white.

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