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Afghan shooting suspect flown out of country Soldier alleged to have killed 16 afghans in a weekend shooting rampage has been flown to kuwait, a defense official tells barbara starr.Military did not have the proper facility to hold the soldier for than he is being held. Kuwait has the military legal infrastructure and personnel to deal with the soldier, barbara starr reports.Soldier accused of killing 16 civilians in a weekend rampage has been transferred out of afghanistan, the nato command in kabul said wednesday. Pentagon spokesman capt.John kirby said the decision by general allen to move the suspect out of the country was based on recommendation by advisers.Military did not have a facility in afghanistan to hold the soldier for than he is being held, kirby explained. Neither isaf or the pentagon would give a location of where the soldier was flown. The move could anger afghans who have demanded a public trial for the soldier.It comes as secretary of defense leon panetta arrived in kabul for meetings with the afghan government. American soldier accused of shooting is all the american news outlets are talking about.Discussing in detail how many terms of duty he served, previous injuries he has sustained, and let us not forget that there are no appropriate accommodations in afghanistan which is why he has been transferred to an american military base.This soldier, has shown signs of post dramatic stress distorter?Did bin laden suffer from pdsd?Oh ya we will never ever know because he faced american justice.The american military will not even give up the guys name!How is that for a signal that america believes themselfs above their own law.This news article simply demonstrate the complete arrogance of the american cheap michael kors bags population to the situation that afghanistan is in. “It was under the belief that america best understood justice that placed the accused soldier in afghanistan in the first place to go in and get bin laden from the taliban does anyone on this blog remember that?Oh ya most posters here just have the fifteen minute memory issue.For the record america a whole world is out their.I know you think it is a mirage or it your play ground but it is not.You are not the leaders of the free world, nor the police of the world., you simply look out for your interest and the interest of your friends that is all.He deserves there kind of justice just as there terrorist deserve here.They kill for religion we kill for revenge either way it is horrible and a shame on the face of good soldiers who are risking there lives everyday to help make life better for those who want it. March 15, 2012 at 8:50 pm Reply I do not doubt american nation opinion against war mongers in america as they have been condemning them for their brutalities against the innocent civilians in iraq and afghanistan and they have condemned them for spending their hard earned money in killings and bombing of poor nations.In above comments too many have asked for hand over the killer of innocent afghan civilians to afghan govt for trial but despite this justice is being denied by the so called champion of universal justice.This is real face of usa.Can any one see the difference between the hitler nazism and us ramboism? March 15, 2012 at 2:13 pm Reply Yes, by all means hand the soldier over to the afghans!In return, the outraged christian citizens of the united states demand that president karzai, of afghanistan, apologize to the american people for the intolerant, unholy desecration of the most sacred and holy symbol of christianity, the cross.May allah never forgive them for their unholy and violent acts of intolerance. March 14, 2012 at 7:27 pm Reply The us should ban the koran in all military bases, it is more dangerous than any weapon.In addition, muslim clerics use the koran as a weapon to incite, instigate the masses against americans.In comparison to hitler book:Kampf the koran is more violent, discriminatory and ant semitic.The same way saudi arabia confiscates and bans bibles because they are perceived as the us should ban the koran.The koran is extremely offensive to non muslims, it insults, denigrates, humiliates and attacks non muslims taking away their dignity and respect. Um, skorpio?When was the last time you actually read the koran?Or the bible?No book causes harm and destruction it the actions of a few mentally unstable people who misinterpret that book or take its allegorical texts too literally.Those sick, desperate people are dangerous to society, not any one book by itself.And not everyone who reads a certain book will become dangerous, no more so than every us soldier goes on a killing rampage and shoots children!This particular soldier had a traumatic brain injury and ptsd after three consecutive deployments on the field of battle.It was not his christian bible that caused it.It was his mental instability inadequate prevention on the part of his superiors.Blame needs to flow uphill on this one, imho.

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