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Greetings, everyone, and welcome to another edition of got plans? .There are a lot of holiday questions in the queue, and we’re going to get to them as soon as possible, but first, two announcements:

The fringe festival favorite”E geaux(Beta)”Returns for two shows tonight at artisphere.We’ve got free tickets to give away:Just tell us the one facebook status message you’ve written that you wish you could take back.You can get to know a little more about dan via this q from our blog.

The classic layered drink is the pousse cafe which involves some unusual spirits like chartreuse and maraschino liqueur so look for a well stocked bar with a craft bartender, ask nicely and not when it’s busy.The passenger or even better the columbia room are good bets.That said, i’ve had few baby guinness(Kahlua topped with baileys)Shots with co owner angie at dodge city so that’s another fun option.

An easy party friendly holiday drink that works with and without alcohol is mulled cider.Warm apple cider on a stove or in a slow cooker with cinnamon, clove and orange peel and keep a bottle or two of rum or whiskey nearby(But not too near an open flame)For guests to spike their own.

Okay, i just finished furnishing an apartment, so i have a few ideas.In logan circle area, try:Miss pixie’s, good wood, hunted house or millennium decorative arts.Leesburg is also an excellent place to find furnishings, though generally more shabby chic than mid century modern.Try urban pickers, savannah’s, four shabby chicks, otter creek, or leesburg antique emporium.Anyone else have some great ideas?

If you don’t find anything at these places the first time, i recommend checking back frequently.There’s always new inventory coming in.And if you have to go over the weekend, i recommend trying to hit it on saturday rather than sunday.

Also, we found an amazing contemporary looking black leather couch on craigslist.If you’re going to be diligent about checking it all the time and are willing to wait a few extra days, it might be worth it.People here are moving all the time.Never know what you might find!

It depends on what kind of music they’re looking for, and how much they want to spend.The art deco carlyle club in alexandria is hosting joe coleman a former member of the platters and the drifters for an oldies/doo wop new year’s eve, with a full dinner and drinks before dancing for $125.At the other end of the spectrum is the tom cunningham orchestra’s big band celebration at glen echo park.They are dinks and have eclectic tastes.Big time foodies.Theater lovers(Incl opera), movies, art, you name it.Very wide range of interests.They also have nice jobs so they can buy what they want(And do)And travel, etc.

Sounds like it would be easy, doesn’t it?Well, i don’t want to cheap michael kors go predictable.I could get them a gift cert to a nice restaurant but there isn’t a lot of thought in that.

They are a couple who will fly to london for a long weekend just to see a few plays etc.

Help?It doesn’t have to be expensive, 100 bucks total is fine.This could be a couples gift or two smaller ones for each.It would really be a gift that keeps giving all year long(And for a good cause, no less).For example, if you got them a dual membership to the phillips collection($100 for the two of them), highlights include free entry to the museum all year long, early previews of exhibitions and big discounts on other programming.Ditto the corcoran:$90 will allow them waived admission, discounts on classes and lower prices at the shop and cafe, among other perks.There are similar programs for the smithsonian, the kennedy center and any number of other local cultural destinations.

It’s a source of frustration(Kind of)To me that most of my favorite beer bars don’t take reservations, or have weird limitations.Meridian pint takes reservations for the tap tables downstairs.Churchkey never takes them upstairs, except for private parties;Rustico is primarily first come, first served.

On a saturday night, you’re better off trying your luck.Meridian pint’s basement is a good bet.Rfd washington has a large back room.Bier baron(The old brickskller)Has plenty of tables that would fit the bill.If you head for h street, try your luck at both smith commons and biergarten haus.My memory from last winter is that biergarten doesn’t get as crowded as it does in the summer.The patio is tented and heated check out the outdoor fireplace but most people don’t think of it as a cold weather destination.

Tamales, yum!How about calimotxo(Or calimocho), the mix of equal parts red wine and cola that’s Spanish in origin but popular in many Latin American countries?You could sub a decaf cola if you don’t want to get too wired.Or micheladas, beer with lime and tomato juice plus worcestershire and hot sauce, sometimes with a salted rim.A fun but maybe not so low in alcohol punch that would work is my conquistador punch, made with tequila, sherry and clementine juice, the recipe for which we’ll post at the end of the chat.

Erdinger alkoholfrei and bitburger’s drive are the only non alcoholic beers i’ve had that i would try again.Nice crisp german lagers.But low alcohol beers there’s a goldmine of good stuff out there.The williams brothers scottish session is a wonderful dry, slighly hoppy ale and clocks in at 3.7 percent alcohol. (As a comparison, budweier is around 5 percent. )I’ve seen it at the queen vic and pizzeria paradiso, among others.

You do see more”Winter warmers”And high alcohol beers this time of year, presumably to fight the season’s chill.

And don’t assume cider is low alcohol;Some of the scrumpys at the queen vic are over 10 percent abv.

Yes, you will look like chaperones.Or intern advisers.Slip out of the front page as fast as possible.Across the circle is bar dupont, which has a decent cocktail list and good small plates, and is more of a 30s 40s crowd than the 21 25 year old front page.Around the corner is pizzeria paradiso, which pairs excellent pies with one of the city’s best beer selections.The basement level cantina of darlington house formerly the childe harold is a good bet for bar basics, and you could also do worse than the divey big hunt, which has seriously good wings and a solid draft beer lineup.

Hi gurus, i know this search is probably futile, but i am trying to convince my sisters to come visit dc around new years, but i need to get a good plan in place to seal the deal.None of us like clubs, and don’t really want to go anywhere with tickets or open bars, just a fun place to hang out and drink with out being packed in like sardines, bonus if they have live music or a good dj.I live in foggy bottom so i was thinking bayou, but the band they have lined up does not appeal to me.I was also considering mr.Smiths, do you have any ideas?Thanks for the help!

One that does intrigue me, though, is lost society:$25 admission includes”Three top shelf cocktails”And dancing to djs chris burns and gavin holland, who hold down the fort at lost society on fridays and saturdays, respectively, with a mix of vintage disco, house and other fun tunes.

What kind of dj/music are you looking for?

My dad recently transitioned and is now a lovely 6 foot 2 inch blond named deborah.While she is far more happy now, she is from a small conservative town and is still working on being comfortable going out and about in new places.She and her wife are coming to visit over christmas, staying in dupont, and i want to take them out and about in dc.They are in their 60s, like quiet restaurants and the theater, and like to be home by 10 or 11, so i am not looking for anything crazy.My instinct is that in dc she will feel more comforable just by virtue of it being a city and people in dc being open to all kinds of people, but i am wondering if you gogs have any good suggestions on where to take them, either for food, drinks, or thater, where she will feel the most comfortable and relaxed.They aren’t big drinkers but love italian food, and really all ethnic food, and are into traditional theater and concerts.

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