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2015 Master of Nursing Studies Graduate Entry Pre Welcome to the university of queensland.Congratulations on being selected for the master of nursing studies(Graduate entry)Program at the university of queensland. The following will provide useful information to help you:Be organised for orientation Start your program Please access the checklist which will help to ensure you have completed each step. 1.If you prefer you can set your email account to be forwarded to an email program such as outlook.For assistance with this please contact askit As a base level expectation, the university expects students to have private access to: A)A computer that supports a basic windows style or mac style platform, including word processing and spreadsheeting programs and anti virus software B)Access to internet 3.Date for return of forms Please return all forms(Refer to point 10 below)By 13 february cheap polo ralph lauren t shirts 2015 or sooner if possible.Forms to be returned to sonm sw, level 3, chamberlain building(Bldg 35), St Lucia Campus.Due to relocation to the st lucia campus paperwork cannot be accepted at this location until 12 january, 2015 The uq nav app is also available for download. You will not be able to commence clinical placement if any documentation is outstanding.Clinical placements will occur from week four of your program. 4.Adding courses Further information about the courses you should enrol in can be found at mysinet can be found at the following link: Master of nursing studies course list Please note the due date for enrolment(And other important dates)As per the Please note students in the masters of nursing studies are not required to sign on for lectures or any other academic sessions in mysinetcompulsory orientation will be held over two days, february 24th and 25, at the translational research institute on the grounds of the princess alexandria hospital.Further information will provided.

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