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5 Singers Made Famous ralph Lauren outlet online 5 People ralph lauren uomo online Who Are Only Famous Because of YouTube Home of the viralVideo, youtube was founded in 2003 by three early paypal employees:Steve chen, chad hurley,Andjawed karim.In october 2006, google purchased youtube for $1.65 billion in stock.With More than 1 billion unique monthly visitors, the site encompasses the sublimeAndthe ridiculous.Youtube has spawned numerous media celebrities who otherwise would have remained relatively anonymous without the power of the viral onlineVideo.Canadian multiplatinum recording artist justin bieber began his music career when new york city talent manager scooter braun discovered theVideos from 14 year old bieber on youtube.Bieber is a self taught musician, able to play guitar, piano, trumpet,Anddrums.Braun, who also represents youtube sensations psyAndcarly rae jepsen, introduced bieber to r star usher, which led to bieber’s recording contract with island records.Bieber’s first single was”One less lonely girl,”And 2010′s”Baby”Was the first release from his debut album”My world 2.0,”Which debuted in the top spot of billboard’s hot 200.Justin bieber has advanced beyond his preteen youtube star status, winning artist of the year at the 2010 american music awards as well as the 2012 american music awards.As his voice deepensAndhis musicality becomes More mature, he continues to explore More complex musical compositionsAndexpressions.In 2008, brothers daveAnddon carroll, who form the pop folk duo sons of maxwell, took a united airlines flight to omaha, nebraska from halifax, nova scotia.Another passenger pointed out to the musicians that their guitar cases were being treated roughly by the baggage handlers.After experiencing a flurry of customer service red tape, they arrived at the site of their first performance in nebraska, only to find that the base of dave’s $3, 500 taylor 710 guitar had been broken by the mistreatment.The resulting lack of interest by the airline’s customer service representativesAndsupervisor inspired maxwell to writeAndperform theVideo”United breaks guitars. “With detailed lyricsAnda deft guitar track, theVideo features the band membersAnda few actors who pantomime the indifferent attitude displayed by the airline.With More than 13 million youtube views to date,”United breaks guitars”Proved to be a public relations disaster for the airlineAnda career boost for the band.In the four days after theVideo was released on youtube, united’s stock price dropped by 10 percent for a shareholder loss of $180 million.Carroll released two follow up youtubeVideosAndpublished a book about his experiences, titled”United breaks guitars:The power of one voice in the social media. “English animator simon tofeld began his art career as a child, creating flip books that emulated television cartoons.With More than 41.5 million YouTube views to date, the viral”Simon’s cat”Series began with a simple blackAndwhite adobe flash animation of a hungry, hopeful, yet seemingly conscience free housecat.Titled”Cat man do,”The wordless vignette features simon’s unnamed cat attempting to wake his master to prepare his breakfast.The cat’s gentle bats, orbits,Andblanket kneading escalates in intensity ralph lauren donna pony polo the longer simon tries to sleep.The uncanny accuracy of the cat’s movementsAndthe realistic feline noises, voiced by tofeld rather than a real cat, lent humorAndauthenticity to theVideo.Millions of cat fans, many of whom have probably been rudely awakened by their own hungry cat, quickly passed theVideo aroundAndelevated it to viral status.For their $4, 000 investment, rebecca also received a photo shoot, promotion,Andimage consulting.Wilson’s ark music factory is geared toward young music lovers who want to have the pop star experience without experiencing multiple rejections from commercial labels.Following its march 2011 release, her musicVideo”Friday”Ended the year as youtube’s most watchedVideo, with over 170 million views.A month after its release, ms.By the time theVideo was removed from youtube in june 2011, its 3.1 million”DisLikes”Accounted for 87 percent of all the viewer ratings.It was reloaded to youtube three months later.As of april 2013,”Friday” received nearly 52 million views on YouTube, with More than1 million”DisLikes”To 250, 000″Likes. “To date, ms.Black has appeared on national television programs such as”The tonight show”And”Good morning america. ” She has received criticism from singer Miley CyrusAndsupport from multi platinum artist Lady Gaga.Psy attended boston university as well as the rigorous music school berklee college of music in downtown boston, but he did not graduate from either school. Upon his return to South Korea in 2001, he fulfilled his love of performing by starting a hip hop career, using unconventional lyricsAnddance styles. He released three albums before serving his mandatory military service from 2003 to 2005,Andthen released a fourth album in 2006. He signed with South Korean label YG EntertainmentAndsaw modest success with subsequent releases.He released his sixth album in july 2012.He hit the fame jet stream as theVideo of the album’s single”Gangnam style”Was released outside of the asian market.However, theVideo wasn’t an overnight viral hit.It took the”Gangnam style”Video until august 2012 to reach 25 million views on youtube. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Tom Cruise,AndBritney Spears helped boost theVideo’s viral success by sharing their support on Twitter. The songAndits exuberant choreography has also appeared on the television show “Glee. ” To date, it holds several Guinness world records, including being the firstVideo to receive 1 billion views, most viewed onlineVideo,Andmost liked onlineVideo.On april 14, 2013, psy topped his debut effort as his sophoMore single”Gentleman”Became the most viewed onlineVideo within a 24 hour period;It was viewed 38, 109, 306 times worldwide.As of late april 2013,”Gentleman”Had been viewed More than 242 million times.The dominance of”Gangnam style”In the youtube viewing community provided a boost to the views of the”Gentleman”Video. Some subscribers are drawn to the professionally produced musicVideos that were traditionally seen on MTV,Andothers seek out the amateurVideos, hoping to find the next Justin Bieber or Psy.Youtube’s global reach is generated from its accessibility; nearly anyone with a webcam, a computer, ideas,Andonline access can be seen or heard around the world. More than 75 percent of theVideo content originates from outside the United States,Andthe site hosts More than 1 billion unique visitors.Local versions of youtube are available in 19 countries, from australia to russia. (More)

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