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Be afraid of the big bad Chicago shopping can be compared to a high school cafeteria.Each”Group”Has their specific sections of the cafeteria that they claim as their own.Rarely do people branch out of their comfort zone and interact with other groups but when they do, they’re pleasantly surprised by what they find. Much like a cafeteria, chicago’s shopping destinations are sectioned off into different neighborhoods that cater to ones particular taste.However, don’t be scared by the fact that you may not fall into bucktown’s”Hipster”Crowd or lincoln park’s”Yuppie”Scene.Despite the fact that chicago’s shopping map may be laid out like a cafeteria, the folks sitting at these”Tables”Aren’t like the ones you encountered in high school. So you consider yourself a prepster who enjoys argyle socks and sweaters wrapped around your neck, but your shopping destinations don’t go beyond the stores on north ave/clyborn?Hop on the brown line and jump off on the southport stop.You’ll find that you have a lot in common with fashionistas that push their bugaboo strollers down this neighborhood street.Not only will you find an amazingly large anthropologie with an un touched sale section, but you’ll see boutiques like krista k and mint julep that offer options that will make you pass on flipping through the latest j crew catalog. Now if you’re more the type that considers ray ban wayfers, a knitted wool cap and chuck taylors your daily uniform, but you don’t go anywhere the blue line doesn’t stop think again.This un assuming neighborhood has become a key destination when finding vintage gems.Knee deep vintage alone is a great reason to go south of milwaukee avenue, but while you’re in the area check out deliciously vintage and pilsen vintage it’s a trifecta of stores that can’t be missed. You say you’re more of a”Suburban”Someone who considers a shopping destination to only come in the form of a large block shape building, also known as a mall.You come into the city for a day of shopping, but have no idea where to find what you’ll like.Bucktown should be your only stop.Sure you’ll find one or two of those mall stores you love, but this hood has got something for everyone.Not only will you find an amazing selection of hats at goorin bros that will get cheap ray ban sunglasses uk you through rough chicago winters, but you can also snatch the latest us weekly like fashions at scoop nyc. Take a deep breath and don’t let nerves get the best of you.Step out of your comfort zone and see what the other side of the cafeteria has to offer.

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