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A fashion circus In the final challenge the remaining designers on project runway competed to see which of the three make that four finalists would be given the opportunity to create their own collections for a show at bryant park to determine the winner. The designers were given a three hundred dollar budget and two days to create a high end runway look inspired by any or all aspects of the ringling bros barnum and bailey circus. It was no surprise to me that anthony was sent home.This time it was due to michael kors online outlet his fabric choice.As you may recall he was eliminated last week and then brought back after maya sudden departure from the competition. Anthony model monique was also sent home on models of the runway but the biggest surprise came when the judges, heidi klum, nina garcia, michael kors, and guest judge cynthia rowley could not decide whether to eliminate jay or mila. Usually the top five designers are narrowed down to three by the final challenge but this season both mila and jay will be allowed to create collections.Before fashion week the judges will review both of the designers pieces and only one of the two designers either jay or mila will join the other two designers in the final three. This has happened once before in an earlier season of the show and michael kors australia outlet it does not change my predictions for the final three.I think mila will continue on to compete at fashion week but that seth aaron will be the winner this season. I say this because his work has been the most consistent of all the designers throughout the season.In nearly every challenge he has been either at or near the top.I think his work is the most interesting of all the designers and that he deserves to win.

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