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Brand new squeaky leather handbag I have the same problem with a $300 coach purse i bought yesterday.I called coach and received the same answer:That i should return it to the store to exchange it. michael kors outlet online I just bought a michael kors satchel today and it had the same problem.I figured out that the noise is caused by the friction between the leather around the metal rings and the rings.Here’s what i did(It worked beautifully):Get a small amount of oil(Baby oil, cooking oil, etc.I used jojoba oil since i had it it is actually a liquid wax and is widely sold at health food stores), and a Q tip.Remove the cotton fibers from one end of the q tip and dip the exposed end of the stick in the oil, then push the oiled stick into the space between the metal ring and the leather that wraps around it.The goal is to coat the leather with oil which also lubricates the metal ring.You may need to repeat this one or more times.Wipe excess oil with a tissue and move the strap/handle a bit to help spread the oil on the leather.After you do this the noise should go away since the friction between the leather and the metal ring is greatly reduced.Give this a try and good luck! Carol wrote at 2013 michael kors bags outlet 01 30 00:09:14 Using oil in between metal n leather handles worked!I did exactly what was instructed to stop the squeaky sound of my coach satchel handles.Squeaky sounds make even the most expensive handbag look cheap.Now squeaky sound is gone!Thank you!

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