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Incoming leader will michael kors outlet australia be vital to labour’s revival

The leadership election campaign can play a part in the process of renewal.Uniquely among irish political parties, labour allows every one of its members to cast a vote for the new leader.Candidates for the post of leader and deputy leader will appear at a series of hustings around the state as they can set out their positions.

Labour received a stark message from the electorate last weekend.The party now needs to listen to its members as it tries to chart a way back.It requires a leader who will acknowledge that mistakes were made in the last general election campaign.Promises were made which could not be delivered upon.Labour needs a leader who will acknowledge that the party took its eye off the ball in regard to the withdrawal of discretionary medical cards.

Eamon gilmore and other labour ministers are decent, humane and genuinely caring people.But in focusing so much on macroeconomic issues, the cabinet allowed decisions to be made in regard to the withdrawal of medical cards which, to most people, appeared cruel and uncaring.That cannot be allowed to happen again.

The general election whenever it comes, will present a huge challenge for labour.There is no evidence from the past to suggest that voting patterns in mid term elections are repeated at general elections.But it would be a grave mistake to assume that it could not happen.

There will be a difficulty in finding candidates in some areas.While most of those labour tds who were elected for the first time in 2011 will probably run again, in many cases the support networks of local councillors, on whom they depend, have been swept away.In other cases, likely successors to older tds considering retirement have lost their council seats.

Daunting economic task it hard to find any silver lining in the elections and their aftermath but, apart from the honourable and dignified way in which http://www.teambs.com.au/ eamon gilmore handled his departure, one ray of hope is provided by the election of a number of

Young, women councillors around the state.Thirty five per cent of labour’s diminished body of local councillors are now women.That is a good augur for the future.

The fine gael labour coalition is a government born of unprecedented circumstances, and it has already achieved its primary goal of restoring economic stability and beginning the process of recovery.But now it is time to ensure that the recovery translates in real improvements in the living standards of those who have suffered so much.

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