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In need of a new style

http://www.cassiopia.co.uk/ Hey amanda, i am about 6’6 and weigh about 275 lbs.I need help on figuring out a new style because i used to always just be a gym rat and dress in shorts and what ever type of t shirt to play basketball or box.I try to dress in polos and nice jeans.If you have any suggestions on what i should wear and how i could start shopping the right way it= would greatly appreciate it.Thanks!What kind of a look do you want to go for?You are right for wanting to get some nice jeans that fit well.I would get a pair that has a darker wash and then maybe a medium wash.This way it will be easy to put it together with a button down or whatnot and you are all set.Not sure michael kors outlet online where you live, but i would maybe go to a department store like nordstroms or bloomingdales where they have pretty good mens denim selections.Since you are pretty tall you may have to find brands that have the right length.I know 7 for all mankind makes long length jeans for men.They are a little pricey but a great fit!Also levis makes long length for men which have some good styles.

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