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Is it normal to feel an x

Thanks for your question.To best help you, i consulted with dr.Richard woodcock at northwest radiology consultants in atlanta.

Dr.Woodcock shares the following information:X rays and radiation certainly may have effects on your body, and rarely may be felt in special circumstances.

However, those effects are not typically felt right away for plain x rays even multiple ones unless there was michael kors uk sale something unusual about the exam or equipment.

The types of symptoms experienced that would show up right away would be related to skin injury, possibly even skin burns, but that is very uncommon.

Also, those are usually caused by long exposures to x ray, such as with cardiac catheterization or specialized ct scans to look at blood vessels or the heart, or rarely due to problems with the equipment.

Radiologists, physicists and the medical profession, in general, continue to learn about long term effects that can result from multiple episodes of radiation exposure.

Such effects are usually at the molecular level and not felt by individuals as such.In short, it is unlikely that your symptoms were related to the x rays themselves, but perhaps could have been related to other parts of your visits, such as your position or other treatment and evaluation.

A good resource is the american college of radiology patient info page and as always you can consult with your physician if you have more questions or concerns.

So people now claim they can feel x rays huh?Does this only happen at the doctor office, or do they feel every x ray that hits them?You people do know that we are bombarded with a variety of ionizing radiation, including michael kors outlet uk x rays constantly, both from space and from earth.Can you feel each of those x ray impacts as well?

How do you know that the only lasts as long as the x rays?That means your mind must know the x ray is being taken, and you know the duration of the imaging process.If you know all of these things, then the most likely explanation would be that your brain is up these feelings.It all in your head.

The best way to test it would be to x ray you without your knowledge(But with your consent)And see if you feel those x rays.These people are inquiring about xrays from a medical office.I am 60 yrs old and have numerous xrays from sports injuries.I had four xrays taken today and felt a weird sensation in the area of the xray each time.Never have i ever felt this before and told the tech of the sensation after the first xray.She said that someone else had mentioned that the same day but couldn explain it.A little unnerving to say the least.I don know if it was the xray or something associated with a componet of the xray machine, but that it only occured for an instant when the xray was taken.The patients first thought is that they received an over exposure of radiation.I have worked around large electrical devices for a number of years and know that an electro magnetic field can cause weird sensations to the body.Since you seem to be an expert on this matter, why don you explain the oscillating grid.Is there an electro magnetic field that builds during the xray.Something like that might explain what the patient is feeling.When you so called self proclamed experts dismiss everything the patient felt as being in their head it appears that you truly have no idea or that your trying to covering your ass.I know too many smart asses that have too few solutions or answers

December 19, 2012 at 00:09

Don mock, but think.First the concentration of radiation is stronger in x rays then in other sources(That why the medical personel go outside of the room or wear lead aprons people if they got exposed each time they took an x ray they risk cancer).Second, in a world full of billions of people it is illogical to assume everyone reacts in the same way.My sister felt it as well for a few days she has poor health in general.So consider it might be that certain people are more vunerable, that their bodies can handle it as well as a normal person.Keep in mind that many medical conditions were thought by doctors to be in their heads simply because it was outside of the doctors expectations.Is it more intelligent to wonder what it is, or to dismiss out of hand because it doesn fit certain preconcieved notions?Which is more scientific in approach?

June 20, 2011 at 11:15

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I would agree with you to not mock, but think.It people who have absolutely zero knowledge of radiation physics or medicine but will always call into question the credibility of the tech doing the scan or the md ordering it who actually do.Alara!

June 20, 2011 at 11:36

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All hail to the highly reputable registered radiologic technologist!Care to tell us what the hell you doing hiding behind a wall

And running away when you click the button for an xray?Who calling who paranoid?You are very insulting and you shame the profession.The doctor in paragraph two eluded to the opinion there could be a reason this person feels xrays.So if the person who asked this is a quadraplegic and didnt dress or drive themselves to the dr.Office, they are merely the type who makes your job more difficult?Boohoo for you.

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