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Jacqueline gold, astute business woman and glamourpuss extraordinaire, is keen to share the ‘refocusing’ of her brand with me, and although she and her marketing team are quick to dismiss my suggestion that they are seeking a new customer(‘we already have a very broad customer range’), it’s clear from both the video(A slowed down excerpt from art house movie ‘antichrist’ of charlotte gainsbourg and willem dafoe going http://www.cassiopia.co.uk/ ‘at it’ set to passionate music with the tagline ‘we sell orgasms’), and their latest collection they have bought to show me, that they are thinking high fashion rather than high street honeys.

View the new ann summers lingerie collection

Currently lead the way in desirable, sexy lingerie, with a long history of choosing famous faces as their models, from kate moss, through marie helvin, to josephine de la baume the current face of the brand, but now it seems ann summers wants in on the action.And with their market presence and significantly more affordable price points, there’s no reason why they couldn’t offer something a little less obvious, for the high street.

The new collection has been shot in a distinctly fashion editorial style on a model who is more used to appearing in women’s glossy magazines than on page 3, and many of the pieces, dare i say, michael kors outlet wouldn’t from a distance look out of place on agent provocateur’s rails, albeit the fabrics cannot compare.

There are corset style bras with minimal detailing from 20, a ‘waspie’ bondage style corset that wouldn’t look out of place on rihanna or cheryl cole for 18, and, biggest surprise of all, big knickers!Ann summers’ patented micro bead technology which promises to double your cup size is present throughout, yet somehow the overall impression is one of sophistication that is to say, the kind of underwear you wouldn’t be embarrassed if your mother in law saw.

One look at the website confirms what i was told about there not being a ‘new’ ann summers customer.Here you will find the same collection modelled by their regulation spearmint rhino type girl, alongside a mind blowing array of sex toys, lotions and potions although the in store experience is not quite so ‘in your face’.

‘When I said we’re not aiming at a new customer’ Jacqueline suddenly interjected as I was nodding with approval at the rail of samples, ‘I meant we have our regular customers who demand the sexiest lingerie on the high street, but yes, this is something new for us.’

Trying to get these two women to co exist under one roof is a tough sell, but if there’s one thing for sure, when it comes to selling sex, you wouldn’t bet against jacqueline gold.

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