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Is this the new naomi

Nakiesha robinson, 19, is the 5ft 9.5in daughter of a carpenter from Kingston, Jamaica, and, says the supermodel: “This girl is great.She’s bright, she’s beautiful, she’s got great attitude, walks well and looks great in clothes.She’s going to go far.She can be another naomi for sure. ”

Naomi, 33, met nakiesha when they were both modelling at the jasper conran show during london fashion week 10 days ago.

She had admired naomi since she was a young girl.So, as they prepared for the show backstage, nakiesha mustered her courage, walked over and offered her a glass of her favourite passion fruit juice.

“It was such a sweet thing to do,”Said naomi. “We got talking.I really admired her spirit and decided to take her under my wing. http://www.teambs.com.au/

The fact that both girls are with the same london agency, premier, has made it easier for naomi to keep an eye on the new girl.She chaperoned her during shows in milan and accompanied her to castings.

Today, they fly to paris for the start of the prt porter season.Nakiesha has been optioned for a string of leading shows including john galliano, alexander mcqueen, emanuel ungaro, valentino, yves saint laurent, chanel and givenchy.

“I’m giving her advice, based on what i’ve learned.I tell her, in this business, people either want you for the job or they don’t, but it’s important not to take things personally and not get upset if you don’t get chosen.

“These are the sort of things no one really tells you when you’re starting out.The main thing michael kors sale australia is to be focused and enjoy what you do. ”

As far as the possible pitfalls are concerned the parties, men, drink, drugs, the headlines naomi, who is reputed to earn at least 1 million a year and has had her share of most of them, says: “You have to make your own mistakes;Everyone does.

“Nakiesha will be growing up in front of the whole fashion world, just as i did, and it’s not always easy.But she’s got her feet on the ground.She’ll be fine. ”

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