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Why i love shopping at bloomingdale’swith the widespread worship of the bottom line, it is comforting to know that there are still some stores that have retained their values.I don’t want to get into any arguments, but i will say that the takeover of marshall field’s by macy’s truly signified the end of an era in many ways.Although it happened more than seven years ago, it still hurts to walk by what is now macy’s on state street and see that old sign of what used to be chicago’s signature store.When marshall field’s became no more, i felt betrayed and abandoned.Even though it was only a store, it felt like i had lost a home because it was one of those places i had always known since i was a little girl.

Trying to recover from the shock, i started looking for other stores to shop at but none of them made the cut.

As soon as i walked through the doors i knew that this was a place filled with magic;There was just something about it that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed regardless of what else was going on in my life.

I rarely had any difficulty finding something in the store that i loved.It didn’t take me long to create a beautiful collection of favorite pieces from bloomingdale’s in my closet.

A little bit about bloomingdale’s in old orchardone of my favorite places to shop in chicago is bloomingdale’s in old orchard mall.Although it is smaller than the downtown location on michigan avenue, the old orchard store still boasts an ample variety of amazing high quality products and michael kors sale uk has expanded their selection to include more high end lines like burberry and salvatore ferragamo.I rarely have any difficulty finding something in the store that i love and want to add to the beautiful collection from bloomingdale’s in my closet.What i love about the store is that is large and spacious.There is always just the right amount of merchandise and the displays are easy to navigate through.Usually there is a manageable number of people, even when there are sales on the weekends so you don’t have to wait in line for a long time.Everything is always neat and organized so it’s easy to find everything you want and you don’t have to go digging.The only exception to this is the clearance rack which tends to be a hot mess, but sometimes you will be surprised to find it nice and organized.

Map of bloomingdale’s in old orchard mall

Bloomingdale’s, old orchard mall, http://www.cassiopia.co.uk/ skokie, il old orchard mall bloomingdales, skokie, il 60077, usa

The amazing perks of being a bloomingdale’s customerwith all our shopping, my mother opened a bloomingdale’s charge account so we could be rewarded for all of our purchases there.It didn’t take long for us to receiving bloomingdale’s gift certificates and invitations to special sales at the store, along with many other perks.We still haven’t found another store where we get all sorts of complimentary services like free shipping and in store gift wrapping, tons of discounts, access to member only sales, and a spectacular selection of quality products at a variety of price points.More importantly, a good portion of the staff, at least one person in every department, knows us by name and treats us like family.With the widespread worship of the bottom line, it is comforting to know that there are still some stores that have retained their values.I admire that bloomingdale’s has kept its moral compass at true north and has not strayed from its mission to provide its customers with only the best service and products, even in this tough economy.Other stores may come and go, but bloomingdale’s will always have a special place in its customers’ hearts.

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