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How to recycle your clothes this christmas

She tugs at the ever so expensive looking cashmere garment covered in jewels. “It was moth eaten but i just covered all the holes with random beads.And hey presto. ”

Paula can turn a coat into a bag and an ageing dress into an asymmetric top.Having appeared on bbc2′s, she now works for the charity traid, restyling clothes that have been donated into wearable items.Next week, she will be sharing her skills in a series of workshops in central london.Don’t like the jumper that your aunt bought you last christmas?Give it to paula, and you soon will.

I challenge paula with an armful of ancient little black dresses that i was about to chuck out.I loved my high street rip off of the roland mouret galaxy dress when i bought michael kors uk sale it three years ago, but it stopped being fashionable about two seconds later.

Paula eyes it with affection and care;The runt michael kors outlet uk of my wardrobe, starved of love for so long, finally has someone to look after it.

She produces beautiful lace in a multitude of colours and suggests attaching it over the skirt of the dress.The shape of this frock is classic, but lace is so prada, so givenchy, so.We sit down at her faithful pre war sewing machine paula calls it bernie and stitch some grey lace over the skirt.

Next we cut a ribbon of black lace and stitch it to the empire line.Inserting shearing elastic like thread, we create a corsage to attach to the breast, and then a brooch bought at a car boot sale to the corsage.

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