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18m ralph lauren uomo tees bid for Probability Multi millionaire investors in probability, including icap’s michael spencer, nigel wray and joe lewis who between them account for more than 30 per cent of the group’s equity, were relieved to say cheerio to their major shareholdings in the mobile gambling operator after gtech wheeled out an agreed polo ralph lauren donna 18m, or 50p a share, cash bid for the company. The offer, which represented a 38 per cent premium above the prevailing market price, sent the depressed stock 16.5p or 52 per cent higher to 48p.That was still well shy of the march 2013 high of 68.5p. With the shares in the dog house, it certainly came as no surprise to hear that the board and management of ralph lauren italia shop probability including co founder, chief executive and 6.54 per cent shareholder Charles Cohen, fully supported the bid.They believe it to be in the best interests not just of probability shareholders, but also all of probability’s employees and customers.

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