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Where did your new http://www.ascoe.it/ car really come from

Replace bmw from this picture, and imagine yourself in an audi dealership, and poised to drop a healthy six figure sum on the flagship q7 suv.Would you hesitate before signing on the dotted line if someone were to tweet you in that instant that the incumbent car of your dreams was made,Not inGermany, but in the slovak republic?Can you even point to the slovak republic on a map?Can you name two of its next door neighbours?Volkswagen/audi has a plant in bratislava churning out q7s by the truckload.European?Yes.German?No. The same factory also makes theNot reallyGerman either polo ralph lauren italia Volkswagen Touareg.

Hypothetically, let’s say you’re in the hunt for a new ute.Utes are very popular in nz these days, with the ranger, navara, hilux and colorado making up four of the country’s top 10 vehicles by sales.Say you want something different;Something european.Like the volkswagen amarok.Something that sets you apart from the rest.This is going to be a good news/bad news story, too:The brand certainly is european, but the vehicle itself is actually manufactured in argentina.Do you still feel as strongly connected to the euro cachet based ideal of buying it?

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