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Wear a blazer with jeans

I love the blazer and jeans look, but i want to make sure i’m doing it right.I know baggy jeans are out, but are there any other hard and fast rules?John t.

Hard and fast, you say?Sounds like something the last future ex coyote said to me during a night of mayhem.But since you ask, yes indeed, there are some rules to abide by.And by far, this is one of the easiest looks to grasp.

The proper fit

All your clothes, not just your jeans, should fit properly.Off the rack is a great place to start, but then tailor your jackets and hem those trousers, as the best fit is a good fit.

Repeat:Tailor that blazer

Blazers, jackets, http://www.ascoe.it/ etc.Should always be tailored.Start there.

Pick the shirt

Your shirt can be either tucked or untucked.If you choose the latter, you must tread carefully.The tails can’t be too long or you’ll look unkempt, so make sure you have a shirt that fits well and doesn’t hang too low.Or go with a polo again, untucked.However, the best option and classiest, while still dressing down with those jeans is tucking that bad boy in and ralph lauren italia outlet wearing a casual belt.

Patterned shirts, work, too

Your shirt can be patterned or not, but stile loves the crisp white look with jeans and a dark blazer.

Light jeans

The jeans themselves shouldn’t be too dark.Look for light colored jeans that are classic washed and may have some fraying on the cuffs and pockets.

Tie or no tie?

Loosen the tie and unbutton the top button or try a knit tie over a gingham checked shirt.Ah, you prepster, you.Or you can go sans tie and add a v neck sweater or go without.If you’re wearing jeans at all, your tie should not be snug to your collar. (If you like this look, wear a suit).Try a loafer now or a boat shoe in the spring.

Try this:

Here’s a classic look you can try this week at work:A black blazer, fitted white oxford shirt, distressed jeans and white sneakers.If it’s cold where you are, add a colorful scarf and you’ll soar to new levels.James cagney pulled this off nicely and so did hugh jackman, right.

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