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What ralph lauren italia family car would you buy for r80 000 to r90 000

The audi is a pretty good choice.However there is also no harm in looking at a few options.If you try out anotherCar and find you prefer the audi, then that will make you Feel about getting the audi.As an alternative, my first choice would a honda civic 170i(2002 2005).Slightly smaller than the audi, but just as spacious on the inside, and it will be a bit newer.Although not quite as luxurious as the audi, it offers equivalent safety, superior reliablity(Nothing beats honda in reliability), better fuel economy and performance, and will cost you a lot less over the long run(Audi parts and services are pricey).Cars like the polo, yaris and getz are pretty smallCars, and that implies a lot of limitations as a”Family”Car.Cars like the Corolla and Jetta are pretty comparable to the Civic (Although i do strong reservations about vw reliability), but their superior resale value in this case(as the second handCar buyer)Works against you.Offerings from merc and bmw will be very similar to the audi, and will also be good choices, but again be wary of expensive parts and servicing costs. As I always advise when buying anyCar though, it is something that, for you, must “Feel”Right. It is senseless spending a large sum of money on aCar that you are not going to like no matter how good it is on paper!

If you are considering second hand cars, i would recommend a mercedes benz c250 turbodiesel.It’s safe as houses, massively reliable and economical with reasonable space.The seats are also easy to clean since you mentioned babies.Cloth seats would be out of the question for that.Hyundai is also a good choice.The autos are problematic, and ralph lauren italia shop the 4 cylinders are not that economical.Honda civic is good too.Their cars have been rated top of the pile for years now, so you can’t go wrong with a honda.

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