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Colic is one of those issues that doctors can seem to agree on the cause.The generalReasons you hear are gas, formula, ge reflux, general fussiness or just that no one knows.The first things doctors prescribe are gas relief drops such as mylicon.I have found that the best all natural product for this is baby bliss gripe water.It about $12 for a bottle but worth every single penny for me.Other solutions are car rides(The movement), sitting the baby on top of the washing machine, running a vacuum, rocking in a chair or other movement.Burp the baby several times in feedings and sit them up right for 20 30 minutes following a feeding.I hope this helps.If a baby cries are making you feel stressed or overwhelmed, it is best to lay baby somewhere safe then walk out of the room for a few minutes.The go back and try again.If your baby cries constantly, seems to be in pain, or is absolutely inconsolable, you may want to see a doctor to rule out any medical conditions.Babies who are constipated may cry and seem to be in pain, rubbing baby tummy or rowing their legs back and forth can help.Babies who have reflux may also cry often, sometimes prescription medications are needed to help with this.Keeping baby upright after a feeding and burping them well can also help.If baby keeps crying and all the basic needs are checked(Diaper, fed, no medical issues)Then sometimes you just need to try and comfort the baby as best you can.Using white noise(Radio or tv static, a hair dryer, vacuum)Or music can help.Rocking the baby or putting baby in a swing can help.Carrying baby in a sling may help.Breastfed babies may be comforted by nursing.Pacifiers can help too(Be careful with breastfed babies and pacifiers, there are some concerns about it causing nipple confusion)This site has a wealth of information toomy son was considered and we found out that he was lactose intolerant and was getting sick from me eating dairy. (I was breast feeding)He also had acid reflex, so that just made it worse.I found that carrying my son football style, with his head in my hand helped a lot.Walk around with him n try to sooth by singing.They love to hear your voice.If you ever feel overwhelmed, put your baby in their crib, bassinet, swing or any other safe place n take a minute for you.It is hard to deal with a colic baby and you won be any help if you aren centered n relaxed.Skin on skin is a great way to calm a baby.Bath time is great as well.I don know hoe old your baby is, but if he/she has lost umbilical cord, you can put baking soda in warm bath n take bath with baby.That will help so much!Don be stingy on the baking soda either.You should have a weird slimy like layer on your skin when you in the bath.At least try it and if it helps, then you can keep it in mind whenever you see your baby in pain.Good luck!New user(1)My son had colic and it seemed that it was very hard for the doctors to tell us why this was happening.They often said that it was something that he would grow out of by six months or so and he did.One thing that really helped his was zantac.We started giving it to him when he was five weeks old and after about a week he was about 90% better.The dr said that he must have had acid reflux and this is why it helped.Also, burping and bottle choice are very, very important.We burped him after every ounce to assure that not gas was stuck inside of him.We used the born free bottles which are supposed to prevent the air from getting into the digestive track.Colic is defined as inconsolable crying for more than three hours, more than three times a week.Occurs during the first months of life and, generally, ceases at about three or four months.If you are fortunate enough to discover the source of your child colic, you can treat it successfully.Otherwise, it will improve over time.The following link is to a very interesting and informative article about colic.You may gain some insight by reading it.So when you hear people state that it is a build up or gas or stomach pains.This is the cause and not the problem.No doctors have proven 100 % what colic actually is.So all those anti colic products?Well, they may ease the stomach gripes and ease the symptoms.But they will not rid the colic.Reducing the gas with anti colic will make the baby more comfortable and may reduce the crying but it can not definitively get rid of what can not be diagnosed.The home remedies to reduce gas isput a polo mint in a cup.Pour boiling water over the polo mint.Then let the baby have 5 ml of the cooled down water.Only one teaspoon.Make sure to wind the baby half way through the bottle.And never leave the baby ralph lauren online crying for more than a few minutes.This answer was edited by ddraig 967 days ago.Reason: .How do you prevent colic in a horse?I been listening to feedback from several sources and i want to make sure i providing a stable, no pun intended, environment for my horse.What are some things to keep in mind that will help reduce.

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