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What are the penaltys for selling cownterfit goods

It a crime to sell a fake, so if you sell a fake you can be held accountable for it.

As for ebay, if others report your item as being a fake, ebay may choose to limit the items you are allowed to list, or suspend your account alltogether if the owner of the brand reports you or your buyers report they got fakes.

It not worth the trouble to sell fakes, or even take a risk if you don know if that purse you bought at the flea ralph lauren italia market for next to nothing is authentic.

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Reason:Addi saw some imitation bags and shirts at plato closet recently.If you purchased 200 polo shirts in bulk for $500 from china, chances are the t shirts are fake.If on the other hand you are selling 500 real items and one of them has to be fake, and you did not have knowledge then you are probably okay.

You could be subject to many state and federal laws for selling counterfeit goods and you could even face monetary civil charges.I knew someone who was sued in civil court from directtv for selling hacked satellite cards online.This product is a consumer good and i would probably start by selling 10, 000 units.The total cost of.

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