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What is smart casual http://www.ascoe.it/ clothing

Browse articles videos by categoryfood drinkhobbies, games toysit is essential to avoid appearing either too dressy or too scruffy.A blouse, or a coordinated sweater or cardigan, should be correct.T shirts should generally be avoided, unless they are smart, attractive and free from slogans.Pants should be formal, worn with boots, flats or mid heel shoes, while a skirt should be worn with appropriate hosiery, and should be of an appropriate length.A day dress can also be correct.If you wish to wear jeans, make sure they are smart and fashionable, and try dressing them up with a jacket or a formal top.It is important to come across as neat rather than scruffy.While there are no hard and fast rules, it is safest to choose a top with a collar:A shirt or a polo shirt would strike the right tone.If wearing a sweater, make sure it is good quality(For example, cashmere), and doesn’t display any slogans or humorous logos.When choosing pants, make sure they are not too scruffy:Chinos or cords are good.A blazer ralph lauren online generally gives the correct impression.If you wish to wear jeans, make sure they are smart and neat, and wear a jacket to make the outfit more formal.

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