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We’re http://www.ascoe.it/ bronze and that’s okay

Divers roseline filion and meaghan benfeito of canada rotate through a back 2 1/2 somersault and 1 /12 twist dive in the fifth and final round of the women synchronized 10m platform competition at the aquatics centre in olympic park during the 2012 summer olympic games in london, england, tuesday, july 31, 2012.For the first three days of these olympics, our faithful television announcers have been struggling to find any canadian success story possible to keep viewers engaged and fan whatever patriotic embers are still smouldering from vancouver.

Attention everyone!Here’s american missy franklin racing for gold in the swimming pool!Did you know her parents were born in canada?They made sure that she has dual citizenship, so they didn’t completely forget about canada when they moved to the states.And look, they still give interviews to canadian television networks!And here she is winning the gold medal!

So, is this just another case of america taking away canada’s best, that whole brain drain thing?

No, silly!Don’t look at it that way.Nova scotia is one of missy’s favourite places in the world!She even pronounces nova scotia correctly.She visits her aunt or some other relative there sometimes.That makes her gold medal win partly ours.

And hey, did you know that in beijing we didn’t win a single medal until day 8?Maybe we shouldn’t be bringing up that bad memory, but by comparison here we are starting day 4 with a bronze medal already!That’s way better!

Anyway, while we’re waiting for a relatively strong canadian performance at some venue or another, here’s hun vs.Mne in men’s water polo.Don’t ask me what mne stands for, but i’m sure our announcers on the scene will fill you in.If you lose interest in that, just flip over to srb vs.Tun in men’s volleyball.

It’s not that there aren’t some great canadian performances at these games.It’s just that there aren’t enough to fill six channels of round the clock coverage.Here’s some simple math:There are some 277 canadian athletes at the olympics.There are live events for about 15 hours a day, so that’s 240 hours of competition over 16 days, meaning if you spread the canadians evenly over that time, you barely have one per hour.How do you spread that over six channels?

It could be worse.The bbc has 24 channels covering the london games.I hear one of them is devoted entirely to what david beckham is wearing.Another features reality tv shows called find the keys to wembley and britain’s next great security guard!

Fortunately, on wednesday, there was a flurry of strong canadian performances.Nothing like a few bronze medals to eliminate the need for silver linings.

First canada’s women’s soccer team valiantly battled back to tie sweden and qualify for the quarter finals.Meanwhile, milos raonic was battling jo wilfrid tsonga in an epic three set match at wimbledon, the longest tennis match in olympic history(I thought we weren’t going to see canadian marathoners until the final day of the games).

And then, in the space of about 90 minutes, canada won bronze in judo, weightlifting and diving, bringing our total to four.

And there is just something so bronze about canada, isn’t there?With a few rare exceptions like hockey, we don’t expect to dominate, just to be in the mix somewhere.We’re g8, but not superpower g8.We’re first world but not necessarily first ralph lauren online store place.

We’re happy just to be in the running, let alone on the podium.If we can’t be the best, or even second best, we’re quite content to be the best of the rest.

Speaking of the medal standings, you would think that four bronze medals would count for more than one silver but that isn’t the case on the official list, which lists every country that has won at least one gold first, then all those that have won silver, regardless of their total medals.If you have a single silver medal, you’re ranked ahead of any country that has won multiple bronze medals.

So, canada is tied for 11th in total medals, but sits 32nd in the official standings behind seven countries that have each won a single silver, including cuba, denmark and egypt.

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