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What are consumer rights when having countless problems with new car vw polo

What are consumer rights when having http://www.ascoe.it/ countless problems with new car(Vw polo)?

Well, here is my story:11 months after buying the Polo, I had 7 problems.Tank was leaking on delivery(First full fill up), noizy transmission, gear shift getting more and more difficult and so on.

Is there any protection for me as a cunsumer to requets eithre replacement or money back?I really have enough of this!From september the guarantee will be gone and i’m not financially prepared to pay for all those repairs.

Put all the documentation of the car(Cor, purchase agreement etc. )In the car.Go to the dealership where you bought the ralph lauren outlet car and give the service manager the list of complaints, hand him all the sets of keys and walk away.They will tell you that they willl sort it out but walk away irrespective of what they promise.Then report the incident to vwsa.Then wait a few days and you will see the excellent service you get from them later.Stand firm until you get results you want don’t put up with this treatment any longer.

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