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A von trapp grandson will be in the audience Sam von trapp, 40, has friends in concord and considered attending the middlesex school as a youth living in stowe, vt., home of the world Trapp Family Lodge.Nice to ralph lauren outlet online be going to concord for the show, said von trapp.Always seemed like a beautiful place.The may 5 matinee, von trapp will do a talk back with the audience and meet the cast. He sure to be asked what maria was like.Was a very caring grandmother.When i was 7 i broke my femur horseback riding.She always came down to read to me.But behind the wheel of a car, maria was adventurous.Liked to drive her blue convertible very fast.My parents wouldn let me drive with her.Sound of music has time tested songs like every mountain, favorite things, and the title song. But there a more serious underlying theme that director kirsten gould is exploring with the concord players production that opens friday night. Stage production is more true to the story, she said. Seen productions of the show that didn pay enough attention to the dramatic part of the story. An incredible story arc besides the songs, regarding the von trapps opposition to the nazis, she said. A pretty compelling story there.More and more you learn who your friends are, and who they aren there betrayal and sorrow.The second act is quite dramatic.Will be one of the biggest and most expensive productions the concord players have staged.The set is elaborate, the costumes many.Got 15 people sewing costumes, gould said. Arlington resident tracy wall, one of the costumers, said sound of music has for everyone.There are bad guys and good guys.There romance.Kids.Most of the children have multiple costume changes in the show. Gould said 93 children and about 70 adults auditioned.The choreography includes a viennese waltz, is very difficult to do, said gould, who has directed many of the ensemble most successful musicals over the years. The role of maria is played by elaine crane, a boston conservatory graduate and a member of the concord new life fine arts group.Role has been on my bucket list, she said.Music and story resonates with me.The story is very timeless.We seem to deal with war all the time.Frates of lexington plays captain von trapp.A show that has to be handled carefully, he said.Not a sticky sweet story.When done properly it about love of a family, and standing up against the force of evil.Parker of concord plays elsa.Felt the part was right for me.I grew up on this wonderful music, she said. Craig howard, a teacher in pepperell and a veteran of the concord players troupe, plays max.A wonderful theater piece because it gets children involved, said howard.In 1985 he visited the von trapp lodge and got a glimpse of saw her on the balcony waving.She was a living legend.Maria died in 1987. Sam von trapp is executive vice president of the lodge in stowe, where he was ralph Lauren outlet online born. He skied at dartmouth college and became an instructor all over the united states and chile, where he lived for a while.He also resided in colo.He modeled ski outfits for ralph lauren.

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