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What is the difference between an expresssion model and a dynamique model renault modus

The dynamique model has a higher level of specification.The car cannot be easily serviced by a backyard mechanic.No modern car can be cause of the need for specialised equipment to diagnose problems and to replace certain components.If you want a car that can be serviced by a non franchised dealer, i would not go for an imported model such as http://www.ascoe.it/ the modus.You’ll never find parts for it locally except through a renault dealer.Go for a locally built car instead.It’s mechanically a very simple car.

Took a chance and bought a modus expression for a steal.The diff in price between used modus and any other small car should make up for costs it might have while i drive it.It’s a fine car for a tall person, i’m 1.88m and finally found a car with enough headroom.I don’t fit well in polo or clio.Also, the ride height puts you on almost ralph lauren outlet online the same level as in suvs and big bakkies.

Luggage space with backseat down is good.2 People can pack enough luggage for a 2 week roadtrip with ease.Should there be a third family member i’d go for something bigger.For short trips with 4 passengers and little luggage the rear seats can move backwards, create a lot of legroom, awesome feature.This car is much bigger inside than it looks from outside.About the same length and width as a city golf.

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