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Redford longchamp le pliage pay cheap longchamp back instructional to maghnieh Latest comments in rss(Windsor, on)Some wonder why it takes time for politicians to do right and then they look at disgraced councilor al maghnieh, who has yet to suffer the indignity of a police investigation and who has yet to pay back his little alleged bonus, that stemmed from his credit card scandal.Elsewhere, people higher up the political chain of office, than first term councilor and now bankrupt maghnieh, a neophyte at best, will, with some nudging, often open their own personal wallets.The most recent case of this is alberta premier alison redford.As the edmonton journal reported march 13, after some prodding, she made the decision to pay the reputed $45, 000 cost of her december trip to south africa, where she was on hand for the funeral of famed african freedom fighter nelson mandela, but only after, of public furor, opposition attacks in question period and intense pressure from angry progressive conservative caucus members.Ramifications due redford were getting pretty significant including, as the journal calculated, her party potentially losing as many as 20 backbenchers, who were about ready to cross the floor of the provincial legislature to sit as independents.In fact, one actually did just that saying her paying back the dough was, too little too late.Then, redford has resigned as party leader.In windsor, none of the francis council crossed the floor to sit as independents to display their indignity of maghnieh actions.The man himself has been seen to do nothing publicly to address the additional cost to taxpayers of his little play with a library issued credit card that he found convenient for personal use, and his outrageous use of a borrowed card from the former library boss to finance a couple massage in the windy city, some two years ago.According to allegations from the auditors, which have not yet been proven in court as if that will ever happen maghnieh was more than a little tardy in paying his credit card bills on time.Unlike what they will do for mere taxpayers, the library jumped in to cover the costs, ensuring maghnieh, unfairly in some city hall watchers minds, earned a little bonus and had the financial penalty of not paying his bills on time nicely lifted.Despite his not doing anything to set the financial books of the library straight on this matter, maghnieh is now making the motions that he will run again to try to keep his comfortable council seat.For some watchers, this is really hard to understand particularly after the auditors very clearly reported that he seemed to be benefitting from money that did not belong to him.Watchers more modest of character just wonder how the integrity light councilor can actually go door to door asking for votes when he must know that he was able to avail himself to a service that is available to precisely no other taxpayer.If maghnieh is really serious about being reborn as a ward councilor, after his mischief, he could at least promise to fight for a new windsor by law that would have the city paying the credit card bills for any taxpayer not paying on time.Of course, like maghnieh, they would be required and/or obligated to eventually pay the face value of their bills, as maghnieh did after some prodding, no question there.But, in this fashion, they would avoid any late payment interest, which for some credit cards, could be as high as 20%, or more.The city, to be efficient, might be able to whip up an agreement with the credit card companies for lower late payment charges that would be based on volume.The actual cost to the city would not be a lot, a sort of bonus for living in one of the best cities on earth, and would help cash strapped taxpayers so that they could then pay their property taxes on time.It is a definite win win.However, as some might know, the francis council did consider giving taxpayers a break if they didn pay their taxes on time.It even organized a committee populated with a number of people representing various aspects of the issue.Council was asked to sit, and were probably even provided with chairs, to come up with some recommendations of how the city could be less draconian.In the end, and no surprise to many watchers, the council subsequently rejected every suggestion.What is interesting is that, as it stands now, taxpayers who face the financial burden of the city high taxes are stuck and will continue to face the burden if they do not pay properly on time.What is possibly even stranger is that not one of the members of the committee even suggested that one way the city could help would be to cover credit card payments for all citizens facing a default which could indirectly help them meet their tax obligations.Why this is not being done is hard to understand given the precedent set by maghnieh.Some watchers seem to think that by not paying taxpayer credit card bills, so they avoid late fees, the francis council could be sending a signal that it has fully accepted maghnieh alleged bonus.Coupled with this is the fact it has actually done nothing to pressure the library board into calling for a police investigation of the maghnieh caper.By not helping taxpayers pay their credit bills on time and letting maghnieh off free of charge, so to speak, has the city now created a situation in which two wrongs are not making a right?Should maghnieh himself, as he campaigns, do the noble thing and offer to, on his own initiative, pay credit card payments for any voter who might be late payers?This might also be a way for him to seek forgiveness for his outbreaks of unsavoury potty mouth that are certainly not becoming for a politician.

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