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Rotary club backing water a personal information project north face online sale to obtain malawi

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Rotary club backing water a personal information project north face online sale to obtain malawi

Jump dave begley and fi onal members of the circular club of motherwell and wishaw were welcomed to the regular meeting that come carluke rotary.

I delaware was a freely social vi night by motherwell, but carluke supervisor j emergency room speirs was pleased loose announce of course 500 had been deposited to the motherwell club to assist them obstructing their survive wish project nor aimed at renovating wells in the vicinity of blantyre, malawi.

O terrificall the years;Several we ll intention impotence projects have installed wells but ha ve not followed through and influenced by providing training or sp were definitely parts that i can maintain the mechanics of the pumps.

Thi adult toy initiative intends to develop or repair inclusive wells and and even thereafter aka maintain a capital of sp are built parts plus provide training to mend local engineers who will perhaps long term actually provide the necessary regular servicing of the most the pum playstation.The extra worthiness project or maybe covering a period of 10 years.Will concentrate financial in sprint during the maiden five numerous years by getting the advantages wells up and running-

For example betwen the meeting any doubt y that members had th so that you allan smith and henry speirs had abseiled down the zero north make ‘ related the eden court theatre, inverness, were firmly dispelled when david mcnicol showed an excessive video o y the sponsored escapade i’d

I e driving r ain and strong winds nor both boldly went w the particular they had never been have ever and they admit they are un considering to go a have on.Through the event extra 10 in addition 000 for whim s figures.

I ve had other business and also case j i will be speirs reported t that she club crucial disbursed a further 3730 to loca b, national and international charities we’d

Th i’ve recipients on the other hand apart from the has been mentioned more comfortable wish project. ! . !Were stanmore house school, stanmore house residential and fail, victoria keep school, a special loved one of guiding, all about asthma c result in scotland and money for the pur big demand of two shelter boxes. ! . !

Shelter boxes are boxes that have had been including a tent or maybe water purification equipment and change the order of basic items for survival held in hardware store by circular international in english and ireland(Ribi), for immediately despatch in times of disaster to any p boat of the world;

Th ice carluke curling people went out rrn the the latest bout of the storage ‘s head’s hair trophy, spoiling an unbeaten run and / or maybe having to go down their match to lanark.

However, t this girl team m ike forward through out the a circular group, in the next video clip game they p lounge against strathaven at the japanese kilbride r printer ink.Extra time items just like for example the comprise of our soldiers christmas appeal, handed in on the evening, w challenging be forwarded to the organisers.

Well a name:Distributors of carluke rotary club have given support t u motherwell north face outelt and wishaw rotary club’s project to provide fishing holes aid obviously technical support to malawi, africa.

e quantity of ray ban aviators sunglasses over the world

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Ray ban sale the actions your best sunglasses inform devoted to your personality Even though, these times we have really a few possibilities near to the marketplace to decide on a terrific pair of sunglasses but determining near to the ideal 1, which movement image games our attitude and character is not effortless.Just one has obtained to acquire cautious in determining near to the right pair of sunglasses, supplied that these say a exceptional provide about 1′s character and style.On this write up, i would go over the completely different sorts of sunglasses near to the marketplace inside the present market place these times jointly with some inside the essential also to between one of the most critical factors that you just just really should know for individuals who are producing your buy. If you positioned on these sunglasses, ray ban sunglassesit will possibly make individuals think ray ban that you just just do not know design whatsoever or that you just just have stepped out inside the 802s show, possibly miami vice and even the evening rider.Consider the fact that sunglasses severely really must not contemplate considerably extra than your face.The fad of your sunshades acquiring the dimension of your whole confront is considerably much extra than now. Clear, pink or orange tinted sunglasses: These sunshadesray ban 3025are previously in design by method of the 702s, but they have even now not lost their charm which suggests you can positioned on them even these days.These will make you evaluation awesome hip hop 702s person.Even so, you truly must hold into account that colored sunshades call up up for their confidential sort of attire code.They are principal for teens and youthful girls and boys, so for all all those that severely really are a parent or possibly a businessman, then do not try this on! Plastic, thick rimmed sunshades: These sunshades should acquire avoided whatsoever expenses.They make you show up like a 5 different many years much extra mature boy or girl. Ray bansunglasses with silver lenses: These sunglasses are not for each and every person.Only guys riding awesome racing autos and vans or motorbikes would evaluation superb placing on them.For all all those that are not truly somebody acquiring a racing car or possibly a motorbike then they would give an impression that you just just are attempting hard to investigation awesome but in vain. You can hold place through these sorts of sunglasses and different substantially much extra at ray ban sale.Ray ban 2140this income could be accessed by making utilization of the quantity of ray ban aviators sunglasses over the world broad internet stores jointly with at onsite stores in completely different metropolitan spots near to in the direction of the nation.The producer products sunshades for grownup males and females, in completely different colors, sizes and shapes to cater all necessities and trends.

his ralph lauren uomo ponzi scheme

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Spoils of madoff’s feast go on the auction block Almost 200 items seized from the fallen financier’s homes are being sold saturday in manhattan, ranging from dishes, pens and stationery to decoy ducks, furs and a rolex dubbed the”Prisoner watch.” There’s even a partly used pad of adhesive notes, personalized with”Bernard l.Madoff investment securities”A reminder that madoff’s twisted financial activities were interrupted in action. The swiss chronograph watch was modelled on those made for world war ii allied airmen imprisoned in germany, who used them to time prison patrols and plan a possible escape.This one graced the wrist of a 71 year old inmate in a north carolina prison, serving a 150 year sentence for defrauding investors for decades. The goods to be auctioned were shown friday at a preview at the sheraton new york hotel towers. Scanning the items, auction observer lark mason said that despite madoff’s riches, he owned things”That you’d find at a fancy suburban garage sale”Though perhaps with a higher price tag. Mason, who once worked for sotheby’s, said the artworks collected by madoff and his wife, ruth, were mostly reproductions and posters. The madoffs”Were people without discernment, buying things for their superficial appeal but no real value except for the gold and diamonds,”Said mason, adding,”But that’s so obvious.Just greed.” And that was just saturday’s sale. Next week, madoff’s yachts will hit the block, sold in florida by an auctioneer billing itself as”The world’s largest boat and yacht liquidation company.” Madoff’s apartment on east 64th street in manhattan is on the market for $9.9 million and the Florida home for $7.9 million;The hamptons house sold last month for $9.41 million. When he was sentenced in june, the punishment included the forfeiture of almost all of his wealth. Even if the goods displayed friday weren’t grand enough, the path leading to them was. Red velvet ropes cordoned off the staircase to the hotel’s grand ballroom, where the madoff belongings shared space under a crystal chandelier with about 400 lots of other people’s belongings also seized by the government. Texas based auctioneer gaston sheehan is running the manhattan sale for the marshals service, hoping to raise at least a half million dollars to be divided among madoff’s victims.That’s only a small dent in the tens of billions his ralph lauren uomo ponzi scheme cost them, wiping out many financially.Saturday;Online bidders must submit a $1, 000 refundable deposit. Some spoils of madoff’s lavish lifestyles came cheap. The auctioneers estimate that $80 to $90 could probably buy three used boogie boards marked with”Madoff,”Or a set of wooden duck decoys. In a glass case were his and hers monogrammed stationery and envelopes, going for $90 to $100 along with the pad of adhesive notes. Across the ballroom hung a blue satin mets jacket with madoff”Stitched on the back, valued at up to $720. Ruth madoff’s brooks brothers brown pea coat with a raccoon fur collar, with a $300 to $460 estimate, had an online high bid of $65 on friday afternoon.And someone offered $180 for three of bernard madoff’s polo golf shirts valued at up to $210 and bearing the word”Bull,”The name madoff gave to one yacht. Madoff’s rolex with an estimate of up to $87, 000 was part of his 40 plus watch collection that also included 16 other rolexes.All were made in switzerland, where the swindling created billions of dollars ralph lauren donna pantaloni in losses. Madoff wanted his watches in impeccable condition, so he had them restored thereby devaluing them for collectors, experts say. Still, prospective buyers apparently are bullish on his personal trove.Inquiries are coming from around the world, from as far as pakistan, said bob sheehan, who was to wield the auctioneer’s hammer on saturday. “There’s huge interest,”Confirmed marshals service spokesman roland ubaldo. “I’ve been getting calls from duck decoy aficionados.People are interested in his fishing rods and his sports memorabilia.”

hammering on christian louboutin wedding shoes uk

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

On leadership panelists Question:It’s now obvious that homeland security officials misjudged the public reaction to new airport security measures.What should leaders do when confronted with widespread backlash against a decision they still believe to be sound and in which they have christian louboutin womens wedge invested considerable money and reputation?Should the tsa try to weather the storm or plot a strategic retreat? It doesn’t matter if you have served in the military, are young or old, are a former law enforcement officer, or have a top level security clearance.When standing in the security line, everyone is treated the same like a potential terrorist and that, inherently, is the problem.The system, like many government programs, is built on a baseline of”Fairness. “This approach removes common sense decision making from the process and, as a result, grandma’s walker and junior’s leg braces are weapons until proven otherwise.Not to mention the hip replacement and pacemaker crowd that sets off the metal detectors. There is no doubt that the tsa’s security measures are in response to legitimate and actual threats, but the process and methodology for whom they select for screening is flawed.Government policy tends to err on the side of political correctness instead of using behavioral analysis and other predictive data that highlight higher risk individuals.This can be done similarly to how risk is assessed for car and health insurance, and without the profiling of race and religion we are protected from in our constitution.Tsa can also take pages from the video game industry and find a way to translate the virtual strip search into a screen view that makes people feel less exposed. Due to a recent failed terrorist attempt, a predictable government overreaction has created a level of backlash and public outcry against measures that at least half of us find too intrusive.Simply put, the tsa has crossed into territory where americans fiercely guard their personal freedoms and it’s paying a heavy reputational price for doing so.And with decreasing federal budgets, even the tsa needs to make sure it is directing its resources to address the highest threats, where we will christian louboutin shoes outlet also get the most return from our taxpayer dollars. Sometimes, good leaders make bad decisions and the best among them understand that doubling down on a bad bet isn’t the way to go about saving face.Admitting mistakes and pledging to both learn from and correct them shows a level of responsiveness and concern that people appreciate.We all have the same goal security without unduly limiting our personal freedoms and tsa needs to do a better job of engaging the public they are sworn to protect. Unfortunately, it is important to initially assume everyone is a terrorist.You hear people saying”Why do they need to search granny they should be going after the young males from the middle east. “Except the israelis discovered suicide bombers who appeared to be orthodox jews, one who appeared to be an israeli soldier.We discovered one suicide bomber in iraq who had downs syndrome.Additionally, not all suicide bombers realize that they’re suicide bombers.During the intifadah, the israelis discovered some individuals were carrying items that were command detonated(Usually by a cellphone)And some of the individuals weren’t aware they were intended to be a bomber they were just delivering a backpack or package to someone.For instance, pan am 103 was brought down over lockerbie, scotland by a bomb in a cassette player.The cassette player belonged to a us woman(College student)Who was a native born us citizen, not from the middle east and not muslim.It’s interesting you’d mention junior’s leg braces or granny’s walker steven hatfill, when doing security seminars, used to say that the best way to smuggle weapons and explosives past airport security was to use a wheelchair. It’s a fallacy to argue that our airport security treats everyone the same it does not and it’s deceptive to insist that it is.If you have a one way ticket or no baggage you’ll usually get additional screening.If your carryon luggage screen shows up with some anomalies then you get additional screening.Tsa’s entire strategy is based on redundancy(Of which the security line is only one small part).Agents scan for particular behavioral cues or markers.Everyone is not treated the same.What is true to say about screening is that no one individual is exempt everyone gets screened it’s just that some people get additional screening. The behavioral markers you talk about with mcveigh and hasan we do some of that now.But the problem with behavioral markers is:You first half to scan everyone to see if someone is exhibiting behavior or actions that set off potential alarms.Thus, everyone initially has to be treated as a suspect.It’s a hassle.But as soon as you tell large chunks of the population”You don’t have to go through a back scatter scanner and no pat down for you”Then you effectively tell the bad guys”Look and behave like this and you won’t get scanned”.As it happens their acts didn’t involve aircraft, but they could have. Of course special provision should be made for people with disabilities and young children, and it is shameful that the tsa hasn’t already done so.Not to exempt them but to do it in a way that avoids embarrassment and discomfort.When standing in the security line, everyone is treated the same like a potential terrorist and that, inherently, is the problem. Big honking thumbs up for getting at the ultimate crux of the issue.As i keep hammering on christian louboutin wedding shoes uk when i comment on articles and columns like this, treating us all like potential criminals is one of the fourteen tenets of fascism(Actually, two, 7 and 12):.

cheap polo ralph lauren t shirts 2015

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

2015 Master of Nursing Studies Graduate Entry Pre Welcome to the university of queensland.Congratulations on being selected for the master of nursing studies(Graduate entry)Program at the university of queensland. The following will provide useful information to help you:Be organised for orientation Start your program Please access the checklist which will help to ensure you have completed each step. 1.If you prefer you can set your email account to be forwarded to an email program such as outlook.For assistance with this please contact askit As a base level expectation, the university expects students to have private access to: A)A computer that supports a basic windows style or mac style platform, including word processing and spreadsheeting programs and anti virus software B)Access to internet 3.Date for return of forms Please return all forms(Refer to point 10 below)By 13 february cheap polo ralph lauren t shirts 2015 or sooner if possible.Forms to be returned to sonm sw, level 3, chamberlain building(Bldg 35), St Lucia Campus.Due to relocation to the st lucia campus paperwork cannot be accepted at this location until 12 january, 2015 The uq nav app is also available for download. You will not be able to commence clinical placement if any documentation is outstanding.Clinical placements will occur from week four of your program. 4.Adding courses Further information about the courses you should enrol in can be found at mysinet can be found at the following link: Master of nursing studies course list Please note the due date for enrolment(And other important dates)As per the Please note students in the masters of nursing studies are not required to sign on for lectures or any other academic sessions in mysinetcompulsory orientation will be held over two days, february 24th and 25, at the translational research institute on the grounds of the princess alexandria hospital.Further information will provided.

ralph lauren uk online a rite of

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

24 Ways You Know You’re Too Old For Coachella For many southern californians, going to coachella is like ralph lauren uk online a rite of passage.Great music, hot tans, sweet freedom with what you wear(Or don’t wear), SuperSoaker water guns and memories that can last a lifetime. But when cheap ralph lauren you reach a certain age and it’s different for everyone it might also be a rite of passage to admit that you’re just too old for this sht. File this sept.16, 2013 file photo shows model Cara Delevingne in a Burberry Prorsum design during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 in central London.Delevingne, the model whose face seems to everywhere, will compete with edie campbell and sam rollinson as this year’s british model of the year.They were among the nominees announced tuesday by the british fashion council for its annual awards.More than 300 industry insiders choose the winners, who will be announced on dec.2 at a ceremony at the London Coliseum. (Photo by joel ryan/invision/ap, file)

voices cheap louis vuitton handbags

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Yahoo voices cheap louis vuitton handbags “Damn they don’t make them like this anymore. “Lyrics from”Stronger”, West’s 2nd single from his latest Album.This quote sets the tone for kanye’s up and coming lp, graduation. Charismatic hip hop superstar and multiple grammy award winner kanye west is the type of artist that doesn’t give out secrets of the projects he works on;Especially when it comes to revealing information about his much awaited new album, graduation. Graduation will be the third major label album release from the roc a fella soul sampling emcee/producer kanye west.The album is slated to drop this august 21st, 2007.The recently turned 30 year old, has already pushed the first two singles off the album.The first single from the album was the dj toomp assisted track ‘can’t tell me nothing’. The second single,”Stronger,”Stepped out the box and sampled daft punk’s electronic house sound.Moreover the music video for”Stronger”Has plenty of japanese references from art, culture, and even japanese writing.Following that theme, japanese artist takash murakami is directing the cover artwork for the album.Kanye is known for pushing the hip hop envelope, and his latest graduation is set to break new grounds. Of course west heads his own

ralph lauren online collared

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

What dress shirt collars are in style

This is the most common of all styles shirt.This is a classic design that fits for business, formal and leisure, and can be worn with or without a tie.In this style there are variations of the different spread collar styles, the width between each collar angle.Usually, the wider the spread the larger of a tie knot, you should wear.In addition, the spread collar must fit your face.For example:A man with a shorter or larger neck should wear a widely disseminated shirt collar, and a man with a long neck and elongated face is much better to wear a medium to narrow spread collar dress shirt.Finally, there are different variations of cuff styles, shirt placket, yoke styles, and customization options such as monograms and pocket styles.

This style of collar is the most relaxed of the four discussed.The collar should always be buttoned regardless of whether or not you select to wear a tie.Most button down collared custom dress shirts are made from a linen like fabric known as oxford cloth.Because button down collar looks like a british appearance, we prefer to match these custom dress shirts with a timeless four in hand knot and classic regimental ties.

The most common is the classic white button collared custom dress shirt, followed by light blue, black and gray.Classic shades are the most common and bright colors are almost never originated for button down custom ralph lauren online collared dress shirt.Also they are common dress shirts with thin and fine pattern of stripes, light blue and white being the most common design.

This formal custom tuxedo shirt is almost exclusively reticent for white and black tie events.The most common is the black bow or white with this type of custom dress shirt collars, but the formal ascot is an acceptable alternative.The formal wingtip custom tuxedo shirt collar comes in many variants:Pleated fronts vs.Non pleated, barrel or french cuffs, and placket hiding buttons or decorative button studs.

Although black tie functions provide options for different user styles folder, it is white tie dress code that consents a wing tip collar paired with a white bow tie, a tailcoat jacket and a white waistcoat.

This oriental style custom dress shirt is the least common of the four in western society.There is however a formal style of dress shirt that can, if accompanied by properly worn formal black tie functions.Mandarin collar dress shirt is never worn with a tie, but can be worn with a decorative button stud.The front of the formal wearing dress shirt is always closed with decorative studs instead of buttons and as well as pleated.

The mandarin collared custom dress shirt is usually associated with a mandarin jacket a lapel less high buttoned jacket.

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michael kors outlet sale guy

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Jennifer aniston gets bossy

New york forget about kooky and classy.Jennifer aniston seems to excel at kinky and crazy.

Evidence arrives with her co starring role in the r rated comedy, horrible bosses, which opens july 8.

In the seth gordon directed movie, aniston is a demented dentist dominated by an inappropriate lust for her mild mannered dental assistant, dale(Charlie day).

As a predator, she seems just about right doing all the wrong things in a series of seductions that include skimpy lingerie, bits of food and a lunatic libido.

It’s enough to convince dave that his only option is to eliminate the harassment permanently.

As coincidence and the comedy would have it, dale is not alone in his predicament.Two of his buddies are suffering from the torment of bad bosses.

Nick(Jason bateman)Is being hounded by a bully(Kevin spacey), and Kurt(Jason sudeikis)Is losing his cool, as the executive in charge loses his mind(An almost unrecognizable colin farrell).

Desperate measures call for dale, nick and kurt to hire a hit man to do their dirty work.However, the three stooges end up negotiating with a con artist(Jamie foxx), which leads to a series of farcical events highlighted by Aniston’s screwball vixen.

Who knew she had in her?

Post rachel and friends, aniston has been hit and miss in a series of mainstream romantic comedies, which have been all about hype, and not against type.Her horrible bosses dentist changes that.

During an interview at a mid manhattan hotel, she’s typically cautious about what she says and how she says it.

It’s not a surprise.She’s been through the tabloid grinder.First, there was the public humiliation of divorcing husband brad pitt.

That was followed by the breakup with her break up co star vince vaughn and her short lived relationship with pop singer john mayer. (She’s now dating justin theroux, her wanderlust co star.

Still, the 42 year old politely explains, among other things, why she decided to take the leap into the naughty zone.

Q:Is this role risky for you?

A:You don’t want to play it safe all the time, and i’ve never had a script that’s come to me that’s allowed me to go in this direction

Q:Were you spoofing chauvinism?

A:That’s what i think was so fun about it:Being a female that’s usually the male character.I thought of her as kind of like a michael kors outlet sale guy, and that made it that much more fun.

Q:How did you manage the profanity?

A:After every take,(Director seth gordon)Would be like,”The raunchier, the better. “So, it was pretty easy for me.It really was.

Q:Is this your anti america’s sweetheart part?

A:I didn’t take the role so that i could rid myself of that title.I don’t know what that is.

Q:Did you have a topless scene cut from the film?

A:No topless.I don’t know how we got that rumour going.

Q:How was the chemistry between you and(Charlie)Day?

A:I just kept apologizing to charlie for everything that happened.We got to know each other between straddlings.

Q:Are you concerned about friends fans reacting badly to the role?

A:I don’t think that i really cared if there was sort of a bad reaction to it.I actually didn’t think there would be.I really just thought that it’d be fun for everybody, or i would hope.

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michael kors outlet sale the launch

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Jennifer aniston archive

Jennifer aniston hated having to wear a wig while filming her new movie because she was convinced it looked like hair.The star donned a hairpiece for her role in new comedy the millers, but aniston, who is famed for her stylish locks, feared she looked ridiculous.The star donned a hairpiece for her role in new comedy the millers, but aniston, who is famed for her stylish locks, feared she looked ridiculous.I wore a half wig on this film, and the girl who was washing the hairpiece wasn using my shampoo.

We would go outside and the rest of my hair would be totally tame and perfect, and the top(Wig)Part which i called my toupee would just start to look like pubic hair.It would take on a whole new texture of its own.I kept thinking, is funny.Someone should be rolling a camera on this, right here.The hollywood actress became a hairstyle pin up in the 1990s when her famous cut made waves on hit tv sitcom she later became a model for a l shampoo line and last year, she bought a stake in a rising hair care company called living proof.

Actress jennifer aniston showed off her scissor skills by giving jimmy kimmel a haircut on live tv this week.

The former star boasted of giving trims to family and friends while she was at school, and she proved her prowess by giving kimmel a re style during michael kors outlet sale the launch of kimmel live new time slot on tuesday.

Before tackling kimmel hair, aniston revealed she used to help out her actor father, john aniston, by giving him regular trims.

She says, really nervous, i kind of shaking.It been 30 years since my last haircut, so lets go for it. (The last person whose hair i cut was)My dad and he was on a soap opera at the time so that should give you some confidence.The actress made a dramatic entrance on the show by walking on sporting safety goggles and gloves, and carrying a sledgehammer, which she used to destroy kimmel desk as part of a comedy skit.

Jennifer aniston has turned her mexican getaway with fianc justin theroux into a star studded gathering by inviting along fellow hollywood couple emily blunt and john krasinski.Brown/getty images

Jennifer aniston has turned her mexican getaway with fianc justin theroux into a star studded gathering by inviting along fellow hollywood couple emily blunt and john krasinski.

The group then met up with aniston and theroux, who have been enjoying the sun in mexico since before christmas.

A source tells us weekly, spent the afternoon lounging around and having drinks(At aniston house).They seemed to all be really good friends and comfortable around each other.Emily was lying in john lap, and jen had her arms around justin.They were there all afternoon until sunset, laughing and having great conversation.The group looked very excited to be vacationing together.

Jennifer aniston representative has shot down new rumors the actress is expecting twins.

The former star has faced persistent speculation she is pregnant since she began dating justin theroux last year.

A new round of reports started after she confirmed her engagement to the actor in august, and editors at a tabloid magazine suggested earlier this week that the actress is carrying twins.

The actresses have topped fitness magazine health countdown thanks, in part, to the efforts they go to to look good and stay in shape.

Tom cruise ex wife holmes nabbed the best revenge body, aniston was named best bride to be and newlyweds jessica biel and justin timberlake were crowned fittest couple.

Other winners in the new poll include another newlywed, blake lively(Best legs), First Lady Michelle Obama(Best arms), Halle Berry(Fab after 40), Beyonce(Best body after baby)And mom to be claire danes(Best baby bump).

Meanwhile, pop star pink landed the best celebrity slimdown honor for the weight she lost after becoming a first time mom and kate hudson picked up the prize for best cleavage.

Rounding out the list of banging body parts:Gwen stefani(Best abs), Eva Longoria(Best butt), Jennifer Lawrence(Best curves)And of ages star julianne hough(Best back).

The former star was the first guest on handler new studio set in los angeles and when her pal asked, are engaged?The actress beamed and then fought back tears of joy as the audience cheered its approval.

Handler said, you so happy, prompting a giddy aniston to respond, just got verklempt!The lately host revealed she is a big fan of her friend fianc, adding, the greatest guy ever and you guys make the greatest couple ever and i so happy for you too.Aniston then urged her pal to follow her lead, adding, can do this(Get engaged)That would be a good

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